Top 7 Ways to Organize and Manage Time

Top 7 Ways to Organize and Manage Time

The concept of time management

The first thing to know is that the term time management is an inaccurate term because time itself is organized, the day has 24 hours and is organized in an imaginary way, and the month and the year as well. 

The most accurate term is self-management; How to do it? We all have 24 hours a day organized, but how do we manage to take advantage of those 24 hours? How to use time in the right way to produce better and more in what benefits us in our religion and our world.

So, in this article, we will talk about how to handle ourselves in a more effective way than the current one to obtain good results in our lives.

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Why should we learn to organize and manage time?

Self-management or time management is essential to become a successful person in your life at study, work, as a parent, or as a husband. 

This requires the person to learn skills and techniques that help them produce more and better. in less time; The main problem is not that you are busy, it means that you are productive, you can be very busy, but you are far from your priorities and goals, and this is something very unfortunate.

Ways to Organize and Manage Time

The first thing: you must define your objectives and priorities

Determining goals and priorities helps you always put yourself in the right position about your goal, and the first thing remains that goal you want to work on and gives you the right to work and time. You set yourself a specific goal and focus in it, like getting a full grade on a particular topic and setting it as your first goal. You will make it if you work hard enough. Therefore, in short, we must take a job and organize our priorities and goals to organize ourselves and achieve our goals.

Second thing: take care of your time and use it

You should buy a watch; Yes, you must control how much time it consumes; How to do it? For example, when you want to review a topic, put the clock in front of you or the stopwatch and try to finish two lessons in this hour, then what is the conclusion we draw? 

You should monitor the amount you produced in a given period (I memorized two lessons in less than an hour). You should use this method because it is effective in making good use of time and not wasting it.

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Third thing: you have to make a schedule

Yes, a schedule that determines the times and things you want to do in this time, taking into account the priorities and goals you want, you must give the greatest value of time and work, because it is the most important thing and that determines what you want in this life; and the notebook should be written in it Tasks and how much time you spent on them because if you took a long time on something worth less than your time, you should reconsider your accounts.

Fourth thing: Note down things to do

It is one of the most important things when it comes to organizing and controlling time, for example, assigning each page in it what are the things you will do tomorrow, and what you write at night will help you a lot to organize yourself, the next task, and so on, and when you finish the task, check the box and do not forget to put the duration of the task, as this helps you to evaluate the scope of your productivity and performance and also to improve it, as we said in the third part.

Fifth thing: eliminate distractions

Distractions are the biggest waste of time. You must dedicate a certain time to them and get rid of them in the rest of the tasks. For example, you should not use your mobile during review or work times. He’s one of the distractions on social media sites and others, and he spends his time 100% working on work hours.

Sixth thing: reward yourself

When you finish a task on time or less, give yourself a gift like resting or leaving the house for a certain period or using the phone for interesting and useful things, and this helps you take a new breath for the next task.

Seventh: analyze your day and what you spent on it.

When you sleep, you must take responsibility for what you spent in your day and keep an eye on your private notebook. And how much time you spent on each task and what is the best time for you to be productive in it, and with this, you will get results from your analysis that helps you do better on your next day and then write what you have to do the next day and what are the things that you correct it.

Important tips:

  • The use of time must be parallel to obedience to God and the performance of acts of worship that He commanded us.
  • You should always rethink your use of time, as it is important to increase productivity and achieve goals.
  • Always learn new things to organize your time, find and come up with creative ways to get good results.
  • Write all the notes you find in the articles because they will help you implement them
  • And in the end, God will hold us responsible for what we have done in this life, he has given us time and we must do our best to use it to satisfy him.

These are some simple tips that I hope will help you to organize and manage time.

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