How to keep your belongings safe during a move

How to keep your belongings safe during a move

Moving house is an exciting experience. Starting a new life chapter, meeting new people, and relocating to a completely different environment is something most people look forward to. However, the process of shifting to another location comes with several risks. Stories we hear about nightmare scenarios, broken furniture, lost boxes, etc., make people worry about the safety of their belongings. Even though you can’t change the factor of bad luck and accidental mishaps, there’s a lot you can do to maximize the safety of your move. In this article, we’ll remind you of all the ways you can keep your belongings safe during a move to make sure you arrive at your new home without any unnecessary stress. 

Things To Consider When Shifting

Know what you’re moving 

After you declutter your home and start packing, make sure to make a list of things you’re moving to your new home. Inventory lists can be lifesavers in certain situations. Firstly, they can help you keep track of your items and notice if something is missing. Secondly, the list can serve as proof to the moving company in case something goes wrong. The best way to make one is by adding the names and number of items you pack and taking pictures on your phone. Creating a dedicated gallery is a great way to have proof of the condition of your items, and it’s free and easy to do. This will be very convenient if you need to find something or see its condition before it was loaded onto a truck.

Pick your boxes carefully

Depending on the size of your household, the price you pay for packing supplies can be pretty high. For that reason, many people go for used cardboard boxes they can get for free from friends and family who have recently moved. Even though this can reduce your shifting expenses, it is also a riskier option when it comes to packing. If you want to keep your belongings safe during a move, always go for sturdy, new boxes that are capable of enduring the heavy items that need to be transported to your new home. And even when you get boxes for free, double-check if there are any holes or weak places on them. Doing this will lower the risk of damaging your valuable items and spending more money than you had initially planned. 

Go for a reliable moving team

We know that moves can be expensive. However, picking the cheapest moving company maximizes the risk of moving scams. On the other hand, the most costly option can also be suspicious and doesn’t guarantee professionalism and safety. That’s why you should spend some time researching moving companies and getting recommendations for trusted professionals. Look for online reviews first. This can tell a lot about a moving company. Check Heavenly Moving and Storage and see the overall rating and comments made by satisfied customers. Positive reviews are clear proof of high-quality, professional services you can get at a reasonable price. Once you read them, talk to the people you know. Colleagues, friends, and relatives can share their experiences and give recommendations or warnings. 

Label the boxes 

Loading and delivery are essential but don’t forget to keep your belongings safe even after shifting. Firstly, make sure to label all the boxes by room, so movers know where to put them as soon as they arrive. Furthermore, talk to your moving team and tell them to put the boxes away from windows – out of sight. This is particularly important if your new home doesn’t have curtains or blinds yet. And finally, don’t leave any of the boxes in front of your home. You never know if someone is prying.

Know what services you are paying for 

Another way to stay safe during the move is to know what services you’re paying for and what your rights and obligations are. Be sure to understand that contracts should be taken seriously, as they are the critical document of your shifting process. Anything that is written in small letters can completely change the course of your relocation and create unnecessary worries. Therefore, read your moving contract carefully before signing!

Visit the neighborhood before you move

The new environment is something that can cause trouble regarding your move. Be sure to visit the neighborhood before your shifting day and walk around the surrounding streets. This will help you get to know the place better and check if there are any possible threats to your safety. If possible, talk to the locals and your new neighbors. Introducing yourself is a great way to meet everybody and find out more about the neighborhood and its safety.

Pack valuables safely 

No all items in your home have the same value. That’s why you should treat them differently when shifting house. One of the ways to keep your belongings safe is to pack special items with your personal luggage – avoid placing them in moving boxes along with other things. If possible, keep them in a safe, or simply lock them in the back of your car. 

Don’t share too much 

Letting people know about your relocation is imperative. However, share this information only with the closest circle of friends and family. Sharing too much about this day with people you don’t know well, or posting it on social media, can make you an easy target of intruders or thieves. 

Improve the security of your new home 

As we mentioned, you should keep your belongings safe even after the big day passes. One of the first steps of settling in your new house should be improving the security of the property. There are several things you should do:

  • change the locks on all doors, as well as gates in your backyard or the front of the house, install security cameras or alarms;
  • add more lighting to your porch and backyard;
  • invest in motion sensor lights around the house.


These steps should undoubtedly help keep your belongings safe during a move. It’s better to stay cautious throughout the whole moving process and not get into any trouble. Finally, you will feel relaxed and secure in your new property and be ready to make this new space your home.

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