How to get water out of your ear? – Tips and Tricks

The bath or shower you have just done. Are your ears still stuck? Are the sounds silly? In your head, maybe you have water. And sweat from wearing earbuds will get stuck in your ears. You can end up with an illness called external otitis or a swimmer’s ear if You don’t take care of it fast. Bacteria living there will increase and develop an infection as water rests in your ear canal. 

a boy placing his hand on his ear cause of stucked water

Even though the liquid should be safely carried out, do it incorrectly, and you may increase your ears swimmer chances. You need to be extra cautious when drying if you have broken eardrums and tubes in your head.

You can try some home remedies for relaxation if water becomes stuck in your ear:

Home Remedies to get water out of your ear

Jiggling the ears:

This first approach will quickly shake the water out of the ears.

Tug your earpiece or jig as you tip your head down to your back. You should even try to shake your head in this role from side to side.

Let Gravity do its magic:

Gravity can help the water drain from your head with this method.

Just lie down with your head on the towel in your hand for a few minutes. It will drain slowly.

Developing Vacuum:

A vacuum is created to pull water out.

  • Tilt your head to the left, rest your ear on your palm tightening, making your seal secure.
  • Push back and forth your hand in a quick movement toward the neck, flatting it as you attempt to take it forward.
  • Tilt your head to drain the sweat.

Use a dryer blast:

  • The dryer heat will evaporate it inside the canal.
  • Turn on the blow dryer to the lowest position.
  • Hold the hairdryer from the head at a foot and move it backward.
  • Enable the warm air to whistle in your ear as you tug your earrings.

Using eardrops of alcohol and vinegar:

The spirit will help the it to evaporate. Alcohol also helps to deter infection by eliminating bacterial growth. The vinegar can help to extract the moisture from the pipe due to a rise in earwax.

  • To make eardrops, mix equal parts of alcohol with vinegar.
  • Apply 3 to 4 drops of this paste to your ear with a clean dropper.
  • Rub your ears out of it gently.
  • Wait for 30 seconds, turn your head to empty the solution sideways.

If you have either of these requirements, do not use this method:

  1. an infection of the outer ears
  2. a perforated tympanostomy of the eardrum (eardrum tubes)


If it is trapped in your eustachian pipes, it can open the tubes by moving your mouth. You should yawn or chew gum in your Eustachian tubes to ease discomfort.

Do the maneuver of the Valsalva:

This procedure will aid the opening of closed Eustachian tubes. Make sure to don’t do it too hard. It will hurt your eardrum.

Then close your mouth and hold your nose with your fingertips softly.

Out of the nose, slowly blast air. It says that the Eustachian tube has opened when you hear a popping sound.

Using Moisture:

  • Hot steam will help to release water into your Eustachian tubes from your middle ear. 
  • Fill a big bowl of hot water steaming.
  • Place a towel over your head to trap your steam down and hang your face over the bowl.
  • Inhaling the steam for 5-10 minutes; tilt your head to get that liquid out from your head.


Do not use an ear swab, finger, or another object to dig into your ears if at-home remedies are not working. 

You will make things worse if you add bacteria to the region, which will force the liquid deeper into your head, hurting your eardrum and canal.


These quick suggestions will help avoid future water caught in your ear.

  1. When swimming, use ear plugs or a swim cap.
  2. Thoroughly dry the outside ore with a towel after spending time submerged in water.

Trapped water is a continuous irritation that usually releases without proper treatment. If discomfort stays for long and no DIY treatment is working for you, it’s time to see your doctor. It’s better to catch the strain initially, but precaution should remain the topmost priority.

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