Guide to Creating Amazing Marketing Videos With Only Stock Footage

Guide to Creating Amazing Marketing Videos With Only Stock Footage

Unless you’re Stephen Spielberg, you may find the task of creating marketing videos that are engaging to be slightly daunting, capturing the attention of viewers with attention spans growing shorter by the day takes strategy and we’ve come up with the easiest way to do just that: using stock footage. 

Before you tune us out, you should know that stock footage and videos have come a long way since the cheesy B-roll you may be thinking of. Today, you have quick and easy access to incredible footage made by talented creators allowing you to produce marketing videos that look professional and keep people watching. We’ll tell you our top tips to get viewers to click on your video and stay until the end. 

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How to Create Marketing Videos With Only Stock Images?

Catch Their Attention From The Get-Go

The first step in creating marketing videos that will convert is to get the attention of your target audience and to do so as quickly in the video as possible. Tell them from the very beginning why they should watch your video. Is it a limited-time offer? Are you about to tell them about something that changed your customers’ lives? Give them a sense of urgency so they’ll feel like they have to watch your video. 

For example, if we wanted to push downloads for our driving app, we may have a video showing stock footage of happy riders and then cut to a testimony video with people that got their license all thanks to our exam-like tests. Then, if we wanted to convert the viewer, we may point them to an app download at the end and be the next happy customer. 

Keep it Short and Simple

Speaking of attention spans, it’s no secret that they’re getting shorter with every generation. That’s why it’s crucial to keep your videos short and simple. Marketing videos should be no longer than it takes to tell about your offer in simple language and give a call to action. That’s it! Choosing stock footage to keep a viewer’s eye moving while you’re delivering your message will make the video go by faster but still keep it brief or they’ll click off and miss your selling point. 

Mix it Up with Text and Audio

People tend to have a phone in their hands at all hours of the day anymore so it’s not a big surprise that they may be watching your video in a setting that doesn’t allow for audio. To get your message across even when your video is on mute, be sure to include text on the screen as well to make sure the viewer knows what you’re selling and why they should click to learn more about it. 

When using audio, avoid music that would be polarizing or voices that can get annoying and make the viewer close your ad. You don’t want to give them any reason to not stick around for your full video. To be safe, be sure that they have the clear option to mute their video and that subtitles will appear if they do. 

Use Stock Footage That’s Relevant to What You’re Selling

If you’ve ever seen a commercial with models that would never use or need the product that you’re selling, you understand why we include this tip. As the new generations become the major purchasers, they’re growing weary of being “sold to” and are demanding authenticity in marketing. 

What does this mean for you? Choose stock footage that makes sense for what you’re promoting.

Just because stock footage is easy to find these days doesn’t mean you should choose the first video you come across or even the one that’s the “prettiest.” You need to search for the option that’s most relevant for what you’re marketing so you come across as authentic. Remember, as soon as customers get the feeling that you’re pushing unrealistic ideals on them, they’re out and your business is checked off of their list. Just keep it real. 

That’s a Wrap 

We’ve given you four easy-to-follow steps to use stock footage and create amazing marketing videos that are far from cheesy and that help you convert customers. By using high-quality videos to sell your products and services, you’re sure to get the attention of your target audience and increase your sales. Now it’s time for you to get creative and find the best clips to sell your message. 

Author: Tim Waldenback

Tim Waldenback is the co-founder of Zutobi Drivers Ed, a gamified e-learning platform focused on online driver education to help teens get their licenses. Tim founded Zutobi to make world-class driver’s education fun, affordable and easily accessible for all.

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