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Tired of generating anchor tags manually for your long-tail keywords. Well let me help you then. Cause this online bulk link generator tool will let you create as many links as you want for free which then you can add up in your  blog content or give it to authors or programmers.

Why do you need an anchor link generator?

Cause adding links manually in the content is a quite lengthy process which requires a lot of your precious time, but as you know that time is money so start saving it by using this amazing tool😃


In order to avoid any difficulty for you we have listed here some directions:

So, what you have to do?

  • All you need to do is to put your list of URLs in left side column.
  • And then put your desired keywords in the right column, then just press the process button and boom you got what you need. So, enjoy
URL List   Anchor Text

Add nofollow   Open Links in New Window
Do not vary phrases (This will create just one .html link per phrase, retaining the order in which they're entered.)


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