5 documents needed to renew your work permit

documents needed for work permit

The Work Pass in Singapore is an official visa issued by the Ministry of Manpower to foreign workers. If you’re a foreigner who wants to get a job in Singapore, you need to apply for a Work Pass. The work visa has different types of passes that include Work Permit, S Pass, and etc.

For foreign talents who have been working in Singapore since 1 January 2017. The Ministry of Manpower has announced that renewing the permit is already possible. It is one of the government’s ways of making sure that foreign workers will be able to continue working. And establish a strong career in the country.

As the Ministry of Manpower said, they allowed renewal because there’s a lot of issues about labor shortages, particularly among young personnel without formal experience or education. If you are already a work permit holder and it will expire sooner. These are the documents that you need to prepare before renewing it

Documents for work permit renewal

Copy of the worker’s passport

One of the most essential requirements that you need to submit when renewing this work visa is a scanned copy of certain pages in your passport. There are personal particulars page and amendments pages that you need to scan. Your passport must be valid to cover the desired timeline of employment. For example, it is usually valid for up to 2 years. So, your passport must be valid for at least 25 months.

Since you will be working in a foreign country, of course, you need to have your own passport. It is essential when entering the country. The passport is also valid for a certain period but normally it is valid for up to ten years. If you already have a valid passport, you won’t have a hard time renewing your Permit.

Security bond

An immigration bond or what is also known as a security bond is a legally mandatory contract to pay the Ministry of Manpower. If the permit holder or the employer breaks any of the regulations. For each non-Malaysian foreign worker and a Permit holder, the employers need to buy a S$5,000 security bond for their employees.

So, for the non-Malaysian worker. They need to fill out the Security Bond Form and acquire a new security bond. Prior to renewing your work visa, you must send new security bond information to the Ministry of Manpower. The effectivity date of the foreign worker bond can be post-dated up to one day after your Permit expires.

Medical insurance

The employer purchases a medical insurance plan for each foreign worker they hire. And prior to releasing the original Permit, they need to submit the insurance details to the Ministry of Manpower online. The average medical insurance that the employer must maintain is at least S$15,000 per year for one holder. Normally, medical insurance covers day surgery and inpatient care, as well as hospital bills for work-related conditions.

To renew your Work Permit, your employer must get a new policy or extend your existing medical insurance. Your employer has the option to purchase the medical insurance from the same insurance company or bank where they purchase the security bond. This is not required for S Pass and Employment Pass Singapore holders.

Work Permit application form and renewal notice

It is the same as applying for the first time for any work visa like S Pass or Employment Pass Singapore visa. You must also submit an application. But you should include the renewal notice in your submission. You can print the renewal notice and application form online.

Card delivery details

If you receive a notification letter that’s stating that you will get a new card. You need to provide the details of the card delivery. You need also to provide a complete address where you want the card to be delivered, whether it’s in your home or office. Moreover, you should provide the names, mobile phone numbers, email addresses, passport numbers or FIN, and NRIC of up to three people that you authorized to receive the card.

Get help with the renewal

There are a lot of challenges when applying for a work visa, S Pass, and Employment Pass Singapore visa. It’s much difficult when no one will assist you throughout the process. At Ren Ai Group, we help with the application process of the Permit, S Pass, and etc, as well as their renewals. Give us a call and let’s discuss.

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