Noob looking for handbrake on ps4?

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sxope tjs asked 1 year ago

Hi im new to sim racing and i just bought a logitech g29 I’m using it on my ps4 and I’m looking for a handbrake compatible with both the ps4 and g29, been looking online but so far I have found nothing, any ideas are welcome thanks

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LanaCondor answered 12 months ago

Hey, can you first tell me about the region you live in because I have checked on amazon about the handbrake, which is compatible with your g29, and I found out that amusing to handbrake is? TBH, I also wanted to buy g29, but my parents said I could only get this when I complete all of my assignments (there are like six assignments of 3000 words). So I was looking for a writer to pay for assignment help on forums, so I came through your forum. I need to get back to find one.

kledo5 answered 2 weeks ago

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