WordPress Alternatives

WordPress Alternatives

If not WordPress, then what? We would like to present you with a summary of the most interesting and professional alternative CMS platforms for the popular WordPress. With them, we will achieve similar results, but some of them also offer much more interesting features. Or – they are for slightly different purposes than targeting WordPress blogs. Now let the journey begin.

Why install an alternative CMS if WordPress is better? 😉 Definitely the best as the most popular blogging platform. This does not mean, however, that this is the best solution for specific purposes. In this guide, we have focused not so much on listing all the available alternatives, but on which CMS is best suited to achieve this goal. For example, put up a store, launch a blog, or a static page.

WordPress, despite its large community, many plugins, and extensions, is not always perfect for our purposes. Sometimes, in our case, simpler solutions are much better. Let’s move on to examples.

List of WordPress Alternatives

Following are the top 5 WordPress Alternatives:

1. For blogs and professional resumes – Ghost

Every WordPress update gets more and more difficult. There are new features, security, etc. With an extensive system of plugins and temps, WordPress is slowly becoming a colubrine – a less transparent, too generic solution. If you’re thinking about a manager blogging platform on your domain, Ghost might be an alternative solution.

It is a lightweight, simple and modern CMS. Its purpose is to make it easier to do the writing and to publish posts on our blog, to offer a beautiful look and feel, and to be integrated with mobile devices. This solution is for people who want a convenient and easy-to-use tool. Ghost offers basic features such as tag processing, collaboration with other authors, or support for small plugins. Of course, we can also install themes. Everything is transparent and minimalistic. It’s worth a try.

2. To a Static Page – Wix

If you’re completely new to website building and you’re concerned about having your website, Wix might be a good solution. It is a simple, free (in the basic version) platform that allows you to create your website with a few steps. Wix has a simple interface based on ready-made templates. The only thing the user has to do is fill the template with content. We can also easily change the appearance and move individual page elements in the editor.

In the free version, our site runs on Wix servers and an Internet address, but there is also the option to connect or purchase your domain. Wix is ​​characterized by a lack of access to more advanced features such as complex CMS, file management, etc. It will be great to run a simple static page with information about our activities.

3. From the static side – Weebly

An alternative to Wix could be the slightly more advanced Weebly. This is available in Polish CMS, which allows you to create a page using the move and drop method. In the page editor, we get tools similar to the graphical editor. We can drag and drop individual elements on the page – text boxes, images, sections, columns, etc. Working with website editing is very simple. Weebly also has the option to create your store, but we wouldn’t recommend that solution.

Once we’ve set up our site, setting the content and individual elements, simply click the ‘Publish’ button and we’ll move on to publishing the page as a writer. The free plan hosts the site online on Weebly servers, but we can also easily add your domain (if we have one) or buy an internet address (if we don’t have one).

4. To the online store – OpenCart

If, however, we would like to create an online store, one of the more interesting free solutions is hiring the OpenCart platform. It has a simple, intuitive CMS focused on features useful for selling products online. A convenient administration panel allows you to quickly add products, upload photos, and descriptions.

In addition, we have integration with payment systems, sales statistics on our website, marketing tools, etc. OpenCart allows you to install plugins that will expand the capabilities of our site, as well as themes that will change the look and feel of the site. Tags, filters, and categories services are supported. We can also back up a website in a very simple way.

5. For Koken photographers 

Koken for a CMS designed for job seekers in the area of photography and graphic artists who publish their material online. This free CMS is focused on hosting and displaying graphics on your website. That is why the CMS of this tool offers, above all, solutions that help with the creation of galleries and albums. 

From the Koken level, we can add our galleries, collections, albums, and share materials by date and place of performance. Each photo is displayed along with Exif information and additional metadata. From the CMS level, we can also do simple photo editing. It’s like rotating a photo, converting it to another, or moving it. Our website also has a very user-friendly text editor and headers as well as sections.

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