Why does my business need a social media marketing plan?

Learn about the importance and benefits of having a social media marketing plan

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Nowadays and for several years, social networks are the perfect medium to reach those you want to reach. But mainly, those who really need you.

Definitely, social networks are the best method to increase the reach of your brand or business, reach your buyer persona. In addition to being able to interact with your community and get to know what they are interested or what they are looking for. And they are not only useful for companies that go directly to the consumer (B2C) but also have great advantages for companies that sell to other companies (B2B).

Still don’t dare to have a plan? You have come to the right place we will tell you why it is important that you start doing it.

Importance of Social media marketing plan

For your brand or business to be better than the competition, it is necessary to work on the image you project in the world of social networks.

In Mexico, approximately 77 million people use social networks. And in many cases, the purchase decision is based on what they see on them. After all, business between companies is done by people. So, being in the same place where “the people” are who make business decisions is a good idea.

You should bear in mind that not everyone can create a social media marketing plan. Because if it is not done in the right way it can harm your brand or business. And create a negative image and alienate potential customers.

You have the opportunity to build a quality relationship with your target audience. Segment your audience and get your campaigns and promotions seen by many more people.

They are an excellent way to understand the audience, and locate the most important needs of consumers, and have the opportunity to offer them the best solution.

As in any plan, designing it is half the effort, the secret is in the execution. Many make good marketing plans for their networks but are not precise or consistent in execution. Most social media algorithms reward post consistency and reward correct ad setup. That is why a plan requires precise execution.

Benefits of a social media marketing plan

The benefits are not only focused on increasing the number of prospects for your brand or business. Pay close attention and take the step for the best decision you can make!

You can use media as a study tool to get to know your audience better using social listening.

If you have an e-commerce you can attract potential customers and increase your web traffic as there are specific campaigns to generate visitors to your store.

Through dynamics or contests, you can get leads and grow your database.

With a good content plan, you can reinforce the authority of your brand and demonstrate its leadership and knowledge.

Without a doubt, in the good management of your networks, you will improve the image of your software house to a great extent.

Make sure that when you decide to have a marketing plan, it is designed appropriately and, most importantly, is appropriate to your brand or business.

Take these aspects into account to obtain the expected results:

  • Definition of objectives (KPI´S)
  • Creation of the buyer persona.
  • Selection of correct social networks.
  • Content plan.
  • Crisis and reputation management plan.
  • The right mix of organic content and paid advertising
  • Analysis of results with an online and real-time dashboard that reports them.

How long should it last?

The number of companies that seek to benefit from social networks is immense and therefore there is a lot of competition. The results are not immediate, but they are gradual and cumulative. You need to show the algorithm of the network, that you have consistency, that you have focus, and that the content and ads generate engagement and that takes time. As a minimum term, campaigns of 4 months are suggested, but in reality, once the brand is uploaded to social networks, the process must be continuous and never be suspended. Of course, specific campaigns can be carried out to support launches, promotions, or important sales seasonality, but the presentation must be continuous.

Nothing speaks more badly of a brand than seeing that, once the work on networks has started, it abandons it. Well, those who gave him the confidence to become followers, feel disappointed when they see that the page was abandoned.

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