Why Do You Need Skin Serums In Summer?

Why Do You Need Skin Serums In Summer?

Skin serums play an essential role in the overall beauty, the dirt and pollution in the environment has turned too dangerous for the skin and being exposed to it regularly demands a protective shield for it. Choosing to apply skin serums in summer helps prevent the it from free radicals and makes it challenging enough to fight whatever it deals with regularly. According to the researches, they tend to carry an effective formula to prevent signs of aging from appearing and help heal and repair the damage.

While some of the serums work better in the morning, others tend to work during night time. This may put you into the confusion of finding the right one. So, get in touch with your dermatologist!

Different types of skin serums

The cosmetic industry has everything for everyone. When it comes to making a choice for serum, everyone will make according to the type they carry. This means different serums are produced to satisfy different goals. Below are different kinds of face serums;

Skin-brightening serums

The active ingredients in these serums include enrichment of antioxidants that helps fight pigmentation and even the skin tone. Vitamin C serves as the core ingredient in these types of serums.

Anti-aging serums

The active ingredients in these serums include retinol and to promote collagen production.

Radicle-free serums

So, if your skin is super-sensitive and damage, radical-free serum is what you need to look for immediately.

Skin texture improvement serums

These serums are specifically for the age group that are looking forward to improving their skin texture. All this happens with the addition of powerful yet active ingredients that sheds the dulling on the face, improving the face tone, and color, etc.

Hydrating serums

These serums hydrate the skin with the addition of hyaluronic acid, making it fresh, and younger.

Acne-prone serums

The presence of salicylic acid present in the serums makes it a favorable option for people with sensitive skin.

Why are skin serums essential in summer?

Since summers are round the corner, majority people tend to get minimal with their skincare routine. Dermatologists across the globe have been recommending the use of serum rather than any moisturizer due to the lightweight they carry. But this does not mean skipping the moisturizer. The two together lock the skin and serve as protective layers. 

So, for summers, it is a necessity to use the serum as the face may not always be in a mood to feel or have too heavy cosmetic products applied. This is why right skin serums are the right way to initiate a summer skincare routine.

Besides being lightweight, skin serums are enriched with tons of benefits that none can ignore. These serve as better alternatives to moisturizers, especially in summers.

Powerful formula

They are produced out of powerful formulas, comprising proven antioxidants which tend to normalize free radicals that are harmful. Having them used religiously according to your type helps reduce discoloration, lightens and brightens up the face, and protects it from the harsh environment.

Absorbs completely

They are defined as the lighter-care formulation. The best with the application of the serum is that it absorbs immediately into the skin and in an easier manner. These carry a thinner velocity that serves as an ideal step when it comes to the layering process on the face.

Deep moisturizing properties

Although lightweight, they are enriched with deep moisturizing properties. The super-concentrated formula used in the production is perfect for glowing solutions during the summers. Majority moisture boost serums make the skin feel radiance in the long term as it moisturizes the face deeply. 

Prevents from sun damage

The use of brightening serums are a great way to correct the even-tone, reduce hyper-pigmentation, and improve the sallowness on the face. If you have sensitive skin, a certified dermatologist at art of skin recommends the use of serums as their lighter preparation makes them ideal for soothing.

Delays the signs of aging skin

Those that are enriched with anti-aging properties volumize the skin. Thereby, creating a smoother and sculpted appearance. The application of anti-aging serums energizes the skin, activates it, and delays the signs of aging from appearing. The presence of retinol into the skin helps limit the signs of aging from appearing.

Lighter on skin and more visible results

When applied, serums are not too heavy on the skin. Instead, are light on the face and are never greasy as well. The efficiency can be judged by the formula they are produced with. Hence, the active ingredient serum tends to showcase a more visible result, especially when compared with multiple other skincare products. 

Guide to use Face serums

Just like various other skincare products, the application of face serum is also easy. According to skincare advice by the dermatologist, they are should be layered as a base under the heavier products like sunscreen or moisturizer. 

Serums should be applied twice a day, i.e. in the morning and before going to bed as it also cleanse and tones the skin.

“The layering process on the face should move from thinnest to thickest”

Final verdict

Face serums tend to work amazingly as these absorb easily into the skin. They are lightweight and produced using highly-concentrated active ingredients. All of them turn favorable especially when used immediately after the cleansing process. Different kinds of serums have different purposes so it’s’ better to find the right one keeping in mind the skin type.

So, are you already using any face serum? What is your type and what serum you think is right for you? Feel free to answer our questions in the comment section as below!

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