What to Look Out for in a Kareo EMR Demo?

What to Look Out for in a Kareo EMR Demo?

Kareo EMR Software

Kareo is an EMR system that has been around for a while and is one of the most extensively used EMR Software on the market. Due to its complete capabilities to meet the needs of independent practices and their patients,  Kareo is one of the most convenient EMRs for practices with 1-10 physicians. Kareo offers a cloud-based deployment so that you may access it from anywhere at any time.

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Because of its low cost, Kareo EMR is the best option for small healthcare setups. You can pay a monthly subscription price for the EMR Software, which eliminates the need for a contract or set-up fees, as well as the burden of software maintenance and upgrades.

Unlike other software on the market, Kareo’s subscription covers the cost of deployment and training, making it a viable alternative for small practices looking to establish themselves. According to Kareo EMR reviews, it is one of the top EMR choices for small independent practices mainly because of its affordability.

Kareo EMR Demo

Before making a purchase, the first and most important thing you should do is book a demo. A demonstration might be a great way to learn more about EMR Software.

The demo allows you to test the software in a real-world environment. It can help you decide whether the EMR Software you’re about to adopt in your medical practice is suited for your operations and will assist you in improving your workflow.

Feature to Look Out in EMR Demo:

A demo is the best way to analyze a product before buying it. Observing software in an actual real-time healthcare setting is much more beneficial than just reading about it. This article includes the top features of Kareo EMR Software that you should check and navigate during the demo. 

Centralized Dashboard

You have exposure to a comprehensive dashboard that helps you record everything necessary in your healthcare profession. The user interface is manageable, allowing you to navigate each task without wasting any time. Within minutes, you may edit your daily schedules, check your calendar, and use any other feature.

You can check out the dashboard during the Kareo EMR demo. Make sure to navigate through different features of the dashboard that are available to boost your practices’ efficiency.

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Pre-Built Templates

According to reviews, this feature makes its pricing worth it. The software comes with several specialty-specific pre-built templates that you can customize and link to a specific appointment type. When a patient arrives, this tool supports you in preparing the appropriate note template instantly. You can further customize these templates based on the practice’s procedures and your requirements.

There are several specialty-specific templates to streamline the documentation process. Ensure during the demo that the software supports your specialty. 

Appointment Scheduling

With the calendar feature, you can automate several activities for yourself and your staff. The calendar can help you personalize your plan and create a comprehensive schedule that meets all of your needs. At the same time, you may manage detailed timetables for both patient visits and staff scheduling.

Reviews suggest that you can also color-code and edit your choices on the calendar if you’re an independent user. Kareo EMR’s drag-and-drop online appointment tool makes it a lot easier to switch calendars as required.

You must navigate through all the calendar features and functionalities during the Kareo EMR demo.

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Patient Portal

Organizing appointments, sending appointment reminders, and filling out paperwork after paperwork can be tiresome for you. However, you can relax on some facets thanks to Kareo EMR’s patient portal feature.

Its patient portal allows patients to schedule appointments. The software also sends out computerized appointment reminders to patients, reducing the number of no-shows at your clinic along streamlining your workflow. Apart from that, the software enables you to interact with patients securely and engage with them using a messaging and video meeting platform.

The patient portal is one such feature that you must view during the demo. You must ensure that the patient portal fulfills all your practice requirements as it is a crucial part of your EHR Software

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Electronic Prescription

This feature saves both physicians and patients time by minimizing the time needed to write and issue prescriptions. The e-prescription capability in it allows you to communicate data to pharmacies quickly when a patient demands a refill.

The Kareo EMR’s e-prescription feature also warns you about any potential drug complications you should be aware of. It also informs you whether a patient has any allergies to which you should be aware prior to writing a prescription. E-prescription is another essential feature that you need to evaluate during the demo.

Telehealth Feature

According to the Kareo EMR reviews, the Telehealth service has streamlined medical practices, especially during the occasion of a Pandemic; COVID-19. Kareo includes a Telehealth feature that lets you communicate with patients from any location at any time. Telehealth allows patients to electronically execute treatment plans and administer medications, resulting in improved health conditions.

As evidenced by Kareo EMR reviews, the most significant benefit of telehealth to your medical practice is that it reduces no-shows. Patients who require follow-up appointments or care at a suitable time also no longer have to worry about obtaining transportation or taking time off work.

Concluding Thoughts

Although we can’t guarantee that Kareo will be a perfect match for you, we can strongly advise you to research as many reviews as possible online to get a sense of what users have to say regarding the software. Apart from that, we recommend getting a Kareo EMR demo from the vendor to see if the product meets your requirements and performs as well in practice as it does theoretically.

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