What exactly is blogging? and how to make money from this

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Blogging is growing popular day by day because of the career opportunities it is providing. It is the use of the internet to share information and opinion with the world. Blogging can mean a variety of things, but generally refers to a way of publishing content to the internet in the form of text. A blog is essentially a personal web site, usually maintained by an individual, which contains entries about specific subjects (but can be updated and edited by other users). Blogging means using a dedicated forum software program to publish your posts to the internet.

Top 3 Differences between blog and website

There are some obvious differences between a blog and a website, and these include the use of keywords within the text, links to external sites, and the ability for readers to interact with the blog in some way. While many of these differences are fairly self-explanatory, some can be illustrated with an example, as follows. Let’s look at each of these in turn.


The first basic difference between blogging and websites is the general format of these two types of websites. Most blogs, due to the nature of their content and the ease with which they can be updated, include a regular update schedule.

In contrast, websites can change their appearance and functionality quite frequently. This is often done for aesthetic reasons or to provide users with a better browsing experience.

Bloggers may choose to optimize their content for search engines, whereas website developers may choose to design a more regular and consistent interface.

Content Type

A second major distinction between blogging and websites is the type of content that is posted on each type of blog. With blogging, blog posts are generally one-shots, or they might be part of a series of blog posts. Many bloggers create a “follow-me” button on their blog posts; however, this is not necessarily true for every blogger.

Websites, on the other hand, will often feature full-fledged articles that the target audience can read and/or access.

Hosting Service

A third difference between blogging and websites is the type of hosting service that is used to maintain both a blog and a website. Blogging often requires the use of a free blog hosting service. Although these hosting services are free of charge, they may also limit the amount of content that can be uploaded, as well as the frequency with which blog posts are published.

On the flip side, websites must often purchase their own domain name and hosting service. Domain names, in addition to providing a means for the blogger to display a webpage address, also provide a unique link to the domain name, which helps drive relevant traffic to the blogger’s site.

How to make money online with blogging?

The topic of how to make money online with blogging is hot and popular. There are people who are making an income from their blogs. And the good thing about it is that you don’t even have to know how to write content. If you know how to blog then you can sell your content on the internet for a profit. How to make money online with blogging does not entail a high price at all. If you are willing to learn then you can easily make some extra money from your blog.

Pick your Target Niche

Firstly, If you are just starting your online career then you must look for a target niche. You have to know what type of content your audience want to read. Once you have found the niche then look for companies who will be willing to pay you to write content for them.

Create quality content

It is important that you have to create quality content if you want to make money online with blogging. The more content you create the more chances you have of being high in Google SERP . You might think that doing this kind of work doesn’t pay much but in fact it does. You can get paid in a variety of ways. Some companies will pay you per post. While others will pay you based on the number of clicks on your articles.

Affiliate Marketing

Another way to make money with blogging is by setting up a blog and signing up to affiliate programs. When you sign up for an affiliate program you are given a link to their website. From that website you can promote their products and they pay you a commission. This is a great way to start earning some fast cash. It is important that you choose a program that has a high payout rate as well as a good commission.

Sale Products/Services

You can also earn money online with blogging by selling products through your website. Like you can either set up a blog yourself or sell advertising space or you can use a third party to do this for you. You could also sell services using your website. You could offer a freelance writer to do some articles for you could offer to do some live help online. Whatever services you decide to offer you need to make sure that you advertise them widely so that people know that you are available.

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These are just a few ways , but there are many other ways online once you learn how to use the Internet. Just because your blog is small doesn’t mean that you can’t make it profitable. You will have to market it vigorously in order to make money.

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