What Does A Salesforce Developer Do? Roles, Responsibilities, Skills, And More

What Does A Salesforce Developer Do? Roles, Responsibilities, Skills, And More

A salesforce developer is someone who manages the salesforce. These developers have a major role in handling the CRM market all across the world. To ensure business success, they are quite important. The typical tasks of a salesforce developer include:

  • Work on web & mobile apps.
  • Build apps for the client company.
  • Combining the salesforce platform with another one.
  • Doing customization for the Salesforce environment for the particular client of developers

What all technologies a salesforce developer should be aware of?

Salesforce  CRM platform has almost 150k customers. The function of these CRM platforms is to allow companies in handling customer relationships with one tool. This helps in increasing business efficiency and allows them to get great ROI. The primary task of a  salesforce developer is to focus on technical aspects. The technical part involves core technologies like(Lightning component framework, Visualforce, and Apex).

The Lightning component framework is mainly for UI development. To create customized salesforce pages, Visualforce could be used. If we talk about Apex, it is a salesforce language. The work of a salesforce developer is to build functionalities of the customized app according to CRM. They ensure to deliver a great experience for users. Apart from it, this is even developers’ responsibility to combine the third-party apps to CRM and focus on technical aspects.

A Salesforce developer role is not limited to programming. They even coordinate with other teammates serving in different departments. This involves sales, marketing, and support. Sometimes, a Salesforce developer manages the quality assurance and debugging aspect as well. It is the main why the HRM team also searches for soft skills while recruiting salesforce developers.

What is the daily task of a Salesforce development professional?

A typical Salesforce developer works starts with going through a recent report. It is required for them to check if there is any request from the client end or not. Based on the status of concerned cases, a developer will have to plan for the complete day. Normally, a developer attends meetings after completing these formalities. Also, other members’ cases would be discussed.

When any team member raises a problem, it needs to be discussed. After the issues would be resolved, that case will be moved further towards the development phase. The real-time work procedure usually starts with aspects that have been almost finished. If required, the clients can be contacted for the verification of the functionality from their end. After the client verifies everything, the process will be moved towards the production phase. After doing so, the client can use the functionalities for daily needs.

Detailed insight of activities performed by Salesforce developer:

If we dig deeper, the daily  responsibilities of a Salesforce developer are as per the below-given points:

1. Make important descisions

Developers are responsible for making decisions associated with resolutions and growth of salesforce development. This involves management, coding, and troubleshooting. They need to provide regular updates on all these things.

2. Works closely with clients

They regularly do surveys and prepare for CRM-related challenges. This lets them ensure that everything is moving in the right direction. During the complete procedure, a developer works closely with the rest of the team.

3. Manage client’s work

The most important duty is to manage the client’s work. These professionals ensure that there is no threat to a company. They ensure that data wouldn’t be leaked at all.

4. Make Strategies

Being a Salesforce developer, the duty of these professionals is to make better strategies and implement them for businesses. Simultaneously, the developer should have the right answers to move any process smoothly.

5. Solve Issues & Meet Challenges

Doing all possible arrangements to accomplish business goals is even the job of a salesforce developer. To meet the business challenges in an effective manner, a salesforce developer conduct workshops to discuss every single issue of an organizational process. 

6. Ensure a backup of daily works

It is even one of the important roles of a Salesforce developer to ensure a backup of daily works. Apart from it, they handle salesforce support-related cases.

7. Connects with clients & other developing teams

A Salesforce development professional usually connects with clients and other developing teams. It is for making a beneficial strategy and assuring thorough assistance at every level. The different levels include the development phase, execution, and testing. According to business needs, sometimes salesforce developer directly interacts with clients to handle tasks efficiently. From basic client queries to complex ones, the discussion will include anything.

8. Manages everything

For managing a user-friendly platform to meet business objectives, the salesforce developer manages everything.

9. Builds the perfect framework

A Salesforce developer builds the perfect framework for those who are working within a company or those who are working on the client’s side. Whether it is related to required changes in the security settings or customizing features, all would be done by the Salesforce developer.


As obvious, Salesforce developers are known for managing multiple works. This is why they get handsome salaries as well. In modern times, every organization wants to recruit such professionals. It is because salesforce developers can better assist a business in ensuring organizational growth. A great thing about these developers is their versatility in work.

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