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what is website auditor?

A website auditor is an online tool which will instantly generate the audit report of every website against any URL and here knowledge-bull is providing you a completely free website auditor tool.

Why do I need this tool?

free website auditor

We all know the importance of SEO cause without it your website is seriously in the middle of nowhere but still very few of us wants to do it yeah I can understand that its a lengthy process and if someone donā€™t know how to do it then keep in mind one thing man that now you need to spend lots of money.

ok sorry for scaring you cause now we have a brilliant solution for you just enter your URL above and our tool will let you know in a minute that what you need to improve plus how you can do that so we can say that this free website auditor is a completeĀ seo guideĀ as well woah! what else do you need now.

Because this on-page free website auditor tool which will provide an instant review of your website Or any other website you want it analyzes that Top 20 plus on page SEO factor.

So this tool will provide you a free SEO site audit Report of your website. For the following Factors

  • Title tag
  • Description tag
  • H1 tag
  • H2 tag (or bolded)
  • Keyboard meta tag
  • Image height/Wait
  • Image expires headers
  • Robot meta tag next
  • Robot.TXT file
  • XML sitemap file
  • Local Google Earth KML file
  • AlT tag
  • Canonical tag
  • Canonical WWW
  • Nested table
  • Inline styles next
  • Inline scripts
  • Favicon
  • Favicon method
  • Image alter tag
  • Link anchor tag
  • Internal text links
  • external text links
  • Total page size
  • HTML (uncompressed)
  • HTML Compression status
  • Compression ratio
  • HTML size (if compressed)
  • X cache- page caching

So, start using this free website auditor and Enjoy your SEOšŸ˜ƒ.

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Great site to review.



thanks alot



Great site to review. Worth the time..



thanks Jayna