Top Reason Why you should Quit Smoking

Top Reason Why you should Quit Smoking
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Smoking harms every organ in the body. To quit smoking is a crucial decision in favor of your health and wallet. Moreover, it is a life-changing resolution. The sense of self-confidence that stems from knowing that you can fulfill challenging goals sets within. With the notion that you are strong enough to overcome nicotine addiction, you will open new prospects. The benefits of smoking cessation are many. Hence, let’s look into the top reason why you should quit smoking. 

Benefits of Quitting Smoking 

Being determined and wanting to stop smoking is the first and most important step towards a life free of addiction. It does take work, and yes, it does take time. But the results are worth the while. As long as you determine your objective clearly and commit to attaining your goal, you will surely enjoy the fruits of your effort. 

We all know about the detrimental effects of smoking on the human body. But how does quitting help your health and overall well-being? Some changes happen within minutes, and some take place over a few years. So, let’s break them down and see what you can expect.

Keep the following timeline in mind to stay on track and remind yourself why you should quit smoking.

Within 20 Minutes 

Each time you inhale, the chemicals contained in the cigarette reach your lungs, from where the blood transports them quickly to every organ of your body. Smoking is infamously linked to coronary diseases and high blood pressure. However, your heart rate and blood pressure stabilize only 20 minutes after your last cigarette. 

24 Hours after the Last Cigarette 

The smoke from cigarettes causes blood vessels to narrow. It takes about eight hours from your last cigarette for the carbon monoxide in your blood to start dropping. This means that the oxygen starts increasing, and the tissues and cells in your body receive more nutrition. After just one day of not smoking, the risk of heart attack starts decreasing. 

48 Hours without a Cigarette 

Within this time frame, taste buds and smell receptors start going back to their more flattened, natural state. You are also setting yourself up for prevention from common dental issues and a brighter smile. 

72 Hours from Quitting Smoking 

It takes three days for nicotine to leave your body. Within this period, the symptoms of withdrawal are the most intense. So, make sure to stay strong and resist your urges. If things get tough, try to remind yourself why you should quit smoking.  

After 3 Months 

The first three days are the most challenging when trying to quit smoking. However, most people agree that within six weeks, the unpleasant symptoms of nicotine withdrawal subside. In about three months of cigarette-free life, you will start noticing the most obvious benefits that include improved lung function. Your overall energy levels will increase, and physical activities will be much easier. This feeling of lightness is just one of the reasons why you should quit smoking.

In 1 Year  

The journey of quitting smoking is challenging, and it requires a lot of willpower. The majority of people who have successfully stopped smoking have made one or more fruitless attempts before succeeding. The main reason for falling off the wagon is a lack of motivation, as the numerous benefits are not always obvious. However, remember that the improvements are rather felt than seen. One year after the beginning of your cessation journey, you will feel more energized and healthier overall. Exercising is a surefire way to keep yourself fit and healthy and an activity where you can see and appreciate the results of your efforts to quit smoking. 

Why you should Quit Smoking – Psychological Improvements 

It is quite a common misconception that smoking helps you relax. On the contrary, it actually increases anxiety and tension. We know that smoking is an addiction. So, when as a smoker you have not had a cigarette for a while, you will feel irritable. Hence, when you light a cigarette, there comes a sense of relief associated with the alleged calming effects. But the truth is, smoking increases your heart rate and blood pressure. These are not only enemies to our bodies, but they affect how we feel as well. Thus, improving your psychological well-being is another strong reason why you should quit smoking. Besides, staying true to yourself and doing what is best for you will undoubtedly boost your confidence and self-esteem. This will, in turn, bring many positive changes in all areas of your life. 

The Benefits of Quitting Continue Over Time 

It takes a lot of grit and self-discipline to put a significant time gap between you and your last cigarette. If you reach out for support, you will improve the odds of remaining a nonsmoker and avoid relapsing into this pestering habit. Research shows that after a year of quitting smoking, the health benefits continue fortifying. Your lungs and brain take the longest to heal completely from the harmful effects of excess nicotine and chemicals in tobacco. After five years of leading a smoke-free life, the risk of stroke reverts to the same level as that of a nonsmoker. The positive effects of smoking cessation will continue over time, and you will be able to feel them in your everyday life.

Protect your Loved Ones from Secondhand Smoke 

This may be one of the strongest reasons why you should quit smoking. Secondhand smoke can stay in the air for many hours after someone puts out a cigarette. Inhaling secondhand smoke has the same effects on health as smoking does. Hence, by quitting, you will automatically make the people you care about healthier and happier. Also, if you have kids, you will decrease the chances of them becoming smokers. Quitting smoking might be easier if you commit to setting a good example for your children. 

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