Top 9 Inspiring Influencer Marketing Campaigns of All Time

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With market spending projections at between $5 billion to $10 billion in 2021, influencer marketing is a continuous trend with sprouting expansion. This trend is an impressive way to integrate brand recognition and sales conversions to ensure maximum ROI while also not draining the advertising budget. Influencer marketing campaigns has progressed from a pioneering marketing strategy to a critical component of the marketing mix.

So, its an approach that entails partnering with an influencer – someone that has created a strong brand identity and formed a committed internet community or followers – to advertise a product, business or brand to an influencer’s followers.

These days, individuals are skimming information, so companies have only a few seconds to interact. By incorporating influencers into a marketing strategy, companies improve their chances of being spotted, mainly if the influencer is incredibly enthusiastic regarding your brand and the complexities your product overcomes.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns Examples

1) The “Superstar” Campaign Initiated By Adidas

Adidas launched a campaign that was named “Superstar”. They featured Arvida Byström. Arvida Byström is a compelling artist, a successful model and a well-known Instagram personality. Moreover, she supports the idea of feminism and has been advocating body-positivity. During this campaign, she wore leg shoes of Adidas on her unclean and unshaven legs. This stance was to create a next-level hype on media, and everyone was going crazy about this campaign. Even though Adidas didn’t put much effort into the drive, but the concept makes it went viral. This also demonstrates that Adidas comprehends and caters to its female audience in an effective manner. This also indicated no matter what your skin or body-type is, Adidas cares for you. It is successfully catering for you so that you can rock your personality on with Adidas collection.

2) Swisspers

So, have you ever thought of posting makeup free selfies on your social accounts? No? Well, that’s what swisspers did. Swisspers, the U.S. Cotton brand, empowered cosmetics bloggers and influencers along with their audience to upload “naked” (No makeup) selfies as a component of a frantic “Sleep Naked” sweepstake. Once the campaign started, pop stars and celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Taylor Swift began to upload their makeup-free selfie. Although celebrity threads were not associated with the advertisement, the primary demographic of Swisspers was already acquainted with the core principle. The campaign’s plan was no matter what complexion or skin type you are having, you can still look beautiful and attract your skin.

3) Sun Peaks Resort

Sun peaks is a thrilling and fantastic ski resort located in British Columbia. They have a catchy yet exhilarating winter attraction. They wanted to draw the public’s focus and fuel awareness on their top winter attractions such as skiing, seasonal carnivals and the area’s jaw-dropping scenic wonders. This is why they planned a fantastic campaign targeting adventure enthusiast in the Pacific Northwest. To create hype, they involved top-notch Canadian photographers and well-knows Instagram bloggers and influencers. Incredible pictures, frequent Instagram stories, and quick Facebook video clips spawned 200,000+ blog post views of 3 minutes, creating massive involvement in Sun Peaks’ target audience. Influencer marketing could be a fantastic way for smaller brands to reap the benefits of their size as a strategic edge.

4) Marriott

Marriott was one of the leading and first brand that starts scaling up their campaigns by approaching influencers. Marriott’s team approach the famous YouTube influencer Jeana Smith to embrace a successful reach of up to 1 million check-ins on the hotel’s app. They threw a fantastic dance party for all the mobile users that completed the milestone. This campaign went viral. People beyond boundaries were engaging with the campaign, and it contributes to getting 4 million views to the campaign.

5) Microsoft

Microsoft initiated a campaign naming “Make what’s Next”. The agenda of this campaign was enabling women to pursue their careers in STEM education. Microsoft’s team collaborate with national geographic to feature the images of a wildlife photographer.

Microsoft has been using influencer marketing to raise public awareness of critical challenges, portray both Microsoft and National Geographic positively, and foster a positive trend for both brands. Understand advertising goals that go far beyond converting and collaborate with other prominent institutions that expect to benefit as much as you do.

6) Casper

Ecommerce Mattress Company named Casper has collaborated with several canine influencers to showcase the new item for their consumers’ four-legged mates. Twenty influencers—together with far more than 3.5 million pet owners permitted to join a launch event in Manhattan, execute with a green carpet, “pupperazi,” a steak meal, and hot dogs imbued with water.

7) Fashion Nova

Have you ever scroll through fashion nova’s post? No? In the past few years, Fashion Nova has successfully benchmarked its presence on social media. Five thousand influencers do not surround this fantastic brand. Nova hires small scale to well-known influencers. They have been generating ground-breaking, influencer marketing campaigns.

8) Nikon

Nikon has been utilizing the most effective tactics to scale up the brand. They are focusing on sponsored posts that work as efficacious influencer marketing tactics. Also they showcase products by obtaining influencers to use them effectively is a valuable and robust methodology. Nikon’s collaboration with the Warner Sound Festival has encouraged this methodology to showcase Nikon’s technology.

9) AXE

AXE utilizes an advanced marketing craze. They have been conducting a buzz-building event. This event was primarily attended by “Hair Creators.” These events generate more than enough prospects for influencers to upload pictures of the item and set the brand reputation and awareness organically. And they’re also demonstrating to supporters and attendees how to do an amazing look using AXE products.

So now you have enough instances of highly valued influencer marketing campaigns. Which campaign did you love the most? Let us know in the comments. You can also get free consultancy from the Dallas SEO Company to generate more leads and sales with better online presence in targeted region.

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