TOP 8 Best Emoji Keyboard Apps for Android and iPhone

Lets us check out the best emoji keyboard apps for Android and iOS as listed below.

In the real world today, there’s an old saying that “A picture is worth cardinal words” is extremely right. The key source of contact nowadays is texting, because everything is going digital

For those who don’t seem to be very descriptive with language. So, with the help of Emoji Apps, there’s a straightforward thanks to adding fun & colors to your post. To make it more entertaining and friendly.

And this straightforward approach is nothing but using these super apps. That facilitate you to connect easily without brainstorming a lot. And making your communication experience more enjoyable and fascinating. On multiple platforms, there are thousands of applications available that are very simple to use and work great on Facebook, Twitter, Android Messages, Google Hangouts, Allo & other platforms for messaging.

They are among the strongest components of communication that is secure and supports communications on cross-platform. If you own an iPhone and chat with your friend who owns an Android, with a tiny low visual variation, everyone can see the same emoji.

Trending Keyboard Emoji Apps


Fleksy app

It’s famous for its speed of typing and incorporates auto-correction and motion control of the following generation. This app offers customized options, covering over 50 colorful themes, sizes, 800 emojis and GIFs.

Shortcuts can be developed and applications are navigated right from this keyboard. The best thing about this app is the simple emoji entry, and in each group, you can scroll down thousands of emojis. It’s one of the software that has it all.

SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji

SwiftKey Keyboard + Emoji app

What’s easier than getting emojis with an infatuated app? 

Getting a fanatical keyboard that comes preloaded with many emojis for your iPhone or Android handset which can be in everyday texting. Because of its special features, jaw-dropping tips, flow-typing, and a large user-generated dictionary, SwiftKey is one of the simplest apps available for the Android platform. 

You just need to type a word or sentence, the app will recommend relevant emojis to you. “When you type “Let’s get a drink!” as an example, it’ll immediately show you a wine-glass emoji.

Bitmoji-your individual emoji

Bitmoji-your individual emoji

To express yourself and make cartoon avatars, Bitmoji encompasses a set of stickers. Gboard is employed in Snapchat to bring fun to the chats. Bitmoji may be interchanged directly from Google Keyboard. You can choose as many lookalikes (Avatars) with Bitmoji. Being one of the most effective keyboard Emoji Apps, it also offers personalized Bitmoji merchandise.

Malayalam Keyboard and Stickers

Malayalam Keyboard and Stickers

Malayalam Keyboard and Stickers is Play Store’s best-ranked emoji app since the user interface is extremely smooth. You can choose emojis and stickers from the broad gallery and post them on the social network. It offers 100+ fancy themes, sounds, language choices, and fonts to suit your style along with the auto-correct feature. 

This is an innovation in the world of regional language. Which promotes learning and interaction over digital platforms in the Malayalam language. 

It offers a lot of exciting and enriching features like Manglish typing, voice typing, Malayalam based emojis and stickers, personalised head stickers and a lot more.

Doesn’t this sound interesting?

To know more, download the Malayalam keyboard now across all your android devices and be a part of this digital Malayalam community like never before.



GIPHY is legendary for its emoji, stickers, and GIFs. The wonderful thing is that the app is accessible for iOS users also. The software also helps people on multiple social networking sites to use its features. Also, it allows you to make your own emojis if you do not like the existing on the platform. 



The Facemoji app helps you to customize your daily keyboard. It comes with a capability to feature different themes on your smartphone, it is one of the most effective apps on this list.

This software is split into five major sections: the section Theme, the section Sticker, the circular button to make your personalised theme, the section Emoji, and also the section Settings.

The different available themes are very impressive and allow you to create your own thematic keyboard by pressing the centre circular button by inserting the required results, prototype, emoticons and more.

Emoji Keyboard – Cute Emoticons, GIF, Stickers

Emoji Keyboard – Cute Emoticons, GIF, Stickers

This is overflowing with thousands of adorable emoticons, stickers, GIFs, fonts & other fun elements that make the conversation engaging and interactive. With fresh themes that are introduced regularly, you can easily style your keyboard. With the one-handed mode and split interface, you’ll also resize, making it more suitable for the phone and tablet.

Go Keyboard

Go emoji app

If your safety is your first priority, then Go is the perfect solution for you.

This software helps you form a cartoon avatar and your pictures and use custom sticker packs while talking. On social media sites like Facebook, iMessage, and Twitter, you can also brag about your avatar stickers among your friends.

In addition to 800+ emoticons, it gives you over 1000 themes, 100 font types, 1000s of emojis, and GIFs. The software helps you to configure the language since it supports most of them. It offers three separate interfaces that are supported by the software, including Qwerty, Qwertz, and even the Azerty keyboard.

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