Top 5 most difficult LG mobile parts to change

Top 5 most difficult LG mobile parts to change

We always carry our Smartphone next to us, and if you are reading in your case probably an LG and although this company is innovating a lot in its designs the truth is that as far as the internal is concerned, the distributions of the components and the spare parts for mobile do not vary much and there are some that are much more complicated to replace than others for a user who is starting in this world or even who already has some experience get your phone fixed from fxitright. And that has nothing to do with Apple or Samsung as we saw before. 

The Simpler More Complicated What do we mean by this? Very simple, we have found that the more “dumb” is the breakdown or the fall of the device more will break and with which more we will have to touch and more complicated will be the repair process.

In addition, in the case of LG High-End devices such as the G3 or the recent LG Optimus G4. When the glass in which the digitizer goes is split (or rather, the touch screen for us all to understand) stops working the rest of the screen, which disables the operation of the phone completely and replacing the digitizer is a real task about separating it from the LCD. Have you ever heard this? Has it ever happened to you? This is what we mean and in most cases on top of the fault is worse than if it breaks to post. But well we could be putting anecdotes of this style an eternity.

So let’s move on to collecting the most complicated LG mobile parts to replace:

List of Most Complicated LG mobile parts to replace

1. Digitizer and Crystal

Yes, as we have mentioned above is one of the most complicated to replace in the case of high-end terminals that are fixed with Gel to LCD screens because they give them quite beneficial properties, obviously this problem you will not have in an LG Optimus L3 for example. 

And it is only in the time that it takes to take off the full screen of the frame without damaging the LCD and separating the digitizer from the LCD in “professional way” because of course, it will be by videos on YouTube that separate the screens with a hair dryer and a deck of cards in which it looks very simple but we have to warn you that it is not so , in fact the chance of you wasting 2 hours of your time and ending up damaging your phone’s LCD is quite high. We always recommend changing full screen as it usually saves you time and money.

2. Charging connector

Most LG mobiles carry the charging connector either by means of a flex that encompasses many other components or welded to the motherboard, economically speaking it is usually more cost-effective to change the entire flex, but if you are unlucky that this soldier is welded to the motherboard and you do not have much knowledge of micro-welding we do recommend you venture to replace it to replace it. Damaging a motherboard can mean the end of your device, or worse of all your documentation. If in your case it is solved by replacing a flex circuit are in luck. But if it is welded to the motherboard we recommend contacting a professional service.

3. Power button

As with the load connectors the power buttons are usually welded to the motherboard and the breakdown of these are usually one of the most complicated to replace even having knowledge of micro-welding. It takes a fairly stable pulse and a lot of patience if we want to achieve good results.

4. Volume buttons

The volume side buttons, whether in flex circuit welded to the motherboard or in button format as the power button is needed micro-welding knowledge alike. And as a general rule if not known to install correctly can generate short circuits on the motherboard. And that can mean that it does not turn on or even damage the board. 

5. Microphone 

In the case of the microphone as a rule it is usually welded to the motherboard of the device and is much more complicated to replace than the buttons or the charging connector since it dispenses with a de-welder to perform the replacement of the microphone. And perform the same operation to weld the new to the motherboard with the de-welder. In fact, many people who have this problem usually solve it using the hands-free headphones. That they usually include in the phone box, although somewhat uncomfortable can get you out of trouble.

We hope you find this article useful.

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