Top 5 best features of Android in 2020

In this article we will be discussing the top 5 best features of Android in 2020.

 5 best features of Android  in 2020

Android is a Linux-based, updated variant, open-source operating system. The first item of it emerged in 2008 and was then purchased by Google.

Since then, however, the open-handset partnership has also moved to Android. It led the market at the end of 2019 with a significant margin of 85 percent. 

Recently, you have heard debates over the framework for an application: Android or iOS. Although the statement doesn’t have a definite conclusion, some things are relevant for Android apps. What are the benefits of Android? 

So, the answer lies in these top 5 features.

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Top 5 best features of Android

1. Extensive Exposure 

There are trillions of mobile users worldwide, according to a report. Given that Android is dominant in that aspect, the chances of exposure are very high. The sheer number of Android users worldwide is the power to look at. In minutes, hundreds of thousands of downloads will be granted to every application made live in a play store. 

It draws company owners one of the reasons for this, that it is a far bigger market than its peers. In comparison, the central Google Play app store in Android still dominates the app market.

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2. Nature Open Source 

Android was among the reasons that it is compliant and open source. It is widespread all over the world and hundreds of implementations are available for use.

The central Android architecture uses JavaScript, making it adaptable to all applications, as told by most of the mobile app development company California.  

That’s one of the purposes why Android is the world’s leading operating system. With the assistance of the Free Smartphone Alliance of 84 businesses, Android is the key and cost-effective alternative for many people worldwide. Whether its users or creators, the open-source aspect of Android was one of its points of sale. 

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3. Greater Profitability With Cost-Efficiency 

The reason why Android is recognized as the best choice, according to an application production firm, is its economic performance. Also, most complex apps have available platforms that allow businesses to save time and resources.

The testing of Android apps is simpler, so no extra costs is needed and this also stays very light on your pocket and saves a lot of your budget.

Nevertheless, it creates more ROI than its rivalry is the most thrilling aspect for company owners in Android applications. There is a strong explanation for this since Android is dominating the world market for smartphones, taking 87% of the market. 

4. Compatibility Of Hardware 

Perhaps notably, Android supports all sorts of hardware, maybe. Irrespective of the mobile phone maker, android apps are compatible and run at the same degree of speed.

5. Unrivaled Ease And Deals 

One of the reasons that sell Android has been the simplicity it provides since it was released. If an application is accepted or monetized, Android provides feasible solutions.

It helps you to pay money to your app in several ways if you want to upload it to Play Store or other delivery methods promoting Android applications. 

Furthermore, it is also difficult to configure android settings. Android applications are however no issue with the ever-growing and evolving consumer dynamics. As developers can quickly change them.

Moreover, businesses will overhaul and restore their app from top to bottom without having to face a lot of trouble. 

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Wrap Up

Android apps are everywhere and in every place. If it’s a travel, social media or gambling app, it provides a range of choices.

Furthermore, too many of the operating system’s searches and the large customer base and the sea of the market place are counted.

In short, Android is the dominant operating system nowadays, and its devices are also widely sought after.

So, let us know in the comment below what you people think about these top 5 features of android.

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