Top 4 Free Shopify Apps To Add Instagram Feeds On Shopify

Confused about which one to choose? Well, don’t be! You have landed at the right place. This blog will give you a complete guide on the top 5 free Shopify apps to add Instagram feeds on Shopify. 

Top 4 Free Shopify Apps To Add Instagram Feeds On Shopify

Instagram is a very popular social media platform with millions of active monthly users. Started as just a photo-sharing app, it has now taken many steps ahead in the ladder of success. Instagram has become an important element in the marketing world and caters to marketers’ needs very well. 

Instagram contains a pool of attractive visuals, be it images, videos, reels, reviews, etc. Adding an Instagram feed on your Shopify store can do wonders and ease your way out in marketing. Since it has many active users, adding it to your Shopify store page can help you reach your targeted audience. 

That’s not all. It helps you increase your brand awareness furthermore sales and conversions. However, you need to choose the correct Shopify app to add the Instagram feed to Shopify stores. 

Keep reading below and find out. 

4 Free Shopify Apps To Add Instagram Feeds On Shopify 

If you don’t wish to spend even a single penny in purchasing expensive apps and are looking for wholesome apps catering to all your needs, these Shopify apps are the one for you. 

1. Instagram Feed By Tagembed 

Looking for a free app to leverage the power of Instagram and amplify the overall vibrancy and sales of your brand, then this is a good option to choose. 

It comes with a diverse range of features that help you convert your Shopify app into a potential market asset. 

Using it, you can remove unwanted and inappropriate Instagram posts and display only premium quality content. It gives a seamless experience because of its responsive design. It comes with many creative customization options that help you create your feed as per your requirements. 

The stare feature is that it offers real-time updates. The Instagram posts get updated automatically on the Shopify store when uploaded on Instagram. 

Some more features offered by it are as follows:-

  • Robust Analytics 
  • Custom CSS
  • CTA

2. Instagram Feed Pro

This app is by Expert Village Media Technologies. It lets you integrate your Instagram feed to your Shopify store hassle-free, empowering your shoppers to easily interact with your social content. 

It offers a pool of personalization and design features so that you can customize your Instagram feed the way you like it. The highlighting feature is that you can even customize your pop-up styles. 

Keeping your shoppers up to date with the latest Instagram posts comes with automatic feeds updates. Since it is mobile-friendly, you are not restricted to any particular device. 

Some more features are as follows:_

  • Pre-made templates
  • Free support 
  • Hide specific details 
  • Popup modal 

3. Instagram Feed Gallery 

This app is by Arena Commerce. It is easy to install and set up the app. The best part is connecting it to your personal and business accounts

It allows you to easily customize your Instagram feed to enhance the visual appeal. Using it, you can change the number of postcards. Not only this, but it also has a diverse range of templates and layouts. 

Not impressed with the feed’s title, don’t worry. Using this app, you can change it trouble-free. The star feature of this app is that it lets you remove the Instagram feed gallery from your store. 

You can remove individual feed, disconnect with Facebook and even remove the remaining codes! Amazing, isn’t it? 

4. Instagram Shopping & Feed 

This app is by ETS Soft. If you’re a newbie in this, then this is the app for you. You’re just one click away from integrating your Instagram feed on the Shopify store. Creating a super shoppable Instagram feed allows you to tag products on Instagram videos and images easily. 

If you wish to enhance the overall visual appearance of your Shopify store, you can customize and design the Instagram feed as per your needs and wants. 

Some more features offered by it are as follows:-

  • Beautiful photo filtering effects 
  • Support display types 
  • Compatible with devices 
  • Highly responsive 
  • Automatic updates 
  • Advanced caching technology 
  • API integration 

Wrapping Up! 

So these were the top 5 free Shopify apps to add Instagram feeds on Shopify. Use the one that suits you the best and see the magic it does! 

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