Top 4 Causes of common sleep disorders

Causes of common sleep disorders

Sleep is a natural way of putting the body to rest. It is the period when the nervous system is relatively inactive. And the postural muscles are relaxed. Sleep is a special activity for the body, the brain, and the heart. Hence, the body must get enough sleep to continue to function properly. 

What are the most common causes of sleep problems?

According to experts in the medical field, the human body needs 7-9 hours of sleep each night (some recommend 7-8) to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A consistent lack of sleep or poor quality sleep has the potential of increasing the risk of disorders of the body including diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, obesity, and cardiovascular disease.

Due to many reasons, many people, especially adults, find it difficult to sleep. This is a sleep disorder or insomnia. A condition where a patient finds it difficult to sleep even in a rested position. There are many factors responsible for this condition. Some common, others can be traced to the genetic makeup of the patient.

If a patient suffers from any type of sleep disorder, then it is important to find the causes of common sleep disorders and their diagnosis before going on to treat the sleeping disorder. Many people ignore the fact that smoking has some serious consequences in terms of sleep patterns. 

1. Nicotine

Nicotine, which is a common ingredient in cigarettes is known to be responsible for insomnia and sleep disorders. It is a stimulant which when craved for can make the body uncomfortable thereby disrupting the basic structure of sleep architecture. Sleep architecture is simply the basic structural organization of normal sleep. It is the structure of sleep cycles throughout the night, including all the stages of sleep.

The effects of smoking on sleep are severe and they usually cause a lot of stress to the person who is suffering from insomnia or any other type of sleeping problem. To prevent such an adverse effect of smoking, there is a need to identify the causes of sleep problems before going on to smoking CBD as a replacement for THC.

2. Alcohol

Amongst the most causes of common sleep disorders and their diagnosis is alcohol. Yes, alcohol. Some people do not realize that alcohol has the potential power to affect sleep patterns drastically and even kill a person. Hence, people must try to stay away from alcohol at least for the time being if they become prone to or are affected by sleep disorders. 

Alcohol is one of the most widely prescribed medicines for insomnia. However, its effects on sleep are really bad and it can cause several problems like lack of sleep, nightmares, etc. It is always better to avoid alcohol consumption completely. However, if a person finds it difficult to quit smoking, then just a person should consider using alcohol as a substitute for smoking. It might seem difficult to stop smoking at first, but it is a worthy sacrifice to achieve a normal sleeping experience. In most cases, rehabilitation often goes alongside the treatment of sleep disorders.

3. Sleeping pills

Some people also take sleeping pills to get rid of their sleeping problems. However, they have many side effects and they can cause severe health problems. Hence, if a patient feels that the current health challenges are related to alcohol or sleeping pills. Then they must be discontinued immediately. It is always advisable to consult a physician when in doubt or when experiencing any health conditions as a result of taking treatment. Doctors generally recommend eliminating alcohol, smoking, and taking prescription drugs to get rid of common sleep disorders.

4. Narcolepsy

People suffering from narcolepsy cannot get enough sleep. They suffer from unexpected episodes of sleepiness in which they could experience extreme tiredness for a few hours. It can lead to severe depression. If a patient has been diagnosed with narcolepsy, then it is advisable to cut down on caffeine and nicotine consumption. And try taking natural remedies like saw palmetto, ginseng, and relaxation exercises to treat narcolepsy.


All said and done, one of the best and proven methods to treat all types of sleep disorders is by practicing yoga. Research shows that yoga has a soothing effect on the body and mind. It relaxes the muscles and the nerves. It also helps the body to better absorb relaxing and calming scents and sounds like music, voices, and even emotions. Therefore, it is highly recommended to those who are looking for cures for causes of common sleep disorders and their treatments.

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