Top 12 Funny mother’s day ideas and fun things to do

Make Mother’s Day wonderful and meaningful with these unique ideas below. Please study carefully, learn the same personality and interests of your mom. For example, if she is a saver but you want to give her a quality item, it’s best to throw away all the labels and the price before giving it; In addition, you can also lie about the true value of the gift. Remember to find out to the end to avoid the fact that you have calculated very carefully but are still criticized for not knowing how to buy a gift from your parents.

happy mothers day written with hearts and flowers beautifully

List of Mother’s day Event ideas

Following are the gift ideas and things to do for Mother’s day:


No need to go to expensive, expensive restaurants to make your mom happy. For her, wherever there is the whole family, that place is wonderful and meaningful. Therefore, on this Day, let the whole family go to a place with beautiful nature to enjoy the fresh air and be more connected. Traveling with mom will be a time to cultivate affection. Spend the most time with mom when you can!

Going to the flower market

A bouquet of fresh flowers for mom would be a good idea for her day. If she is a flower lover, then there is nothing more wonderful than the idea that you and your mother go together to choose flowers for this special event. Hand-choosing the freshest and most beautiful flowers for mom. Don’t forget to send meaningful greetings to each of our wonderful women.

Breakfast surprise

Have you ever made your own breakfast for mom? If not, give it a try on. Make her morning full of surprises and happiness with a delicious and delicious breakfast prepared by yourself. It will be great to be able to start a meaningful new day with a breakfast full of love and nutrition.

Arrange an impressive anniversary corner

You can set up a beautiful corner in the house to decorate. And decorate the cards or delicious dishes to celebrate this Day. In addition, if skillful, you can decorate that small corner and become “more sparkling” so that the whole family can take photos together.

Take care of mother’s garden

Mothers often have their own small gardens planted with their favorite vegetables or flowers. You should spend time planting more flowers, tending, watering for her garden, surely your mom will be happy about this.

Take mom to massage

Make Mothers Day more meaningful by taking mom to massage so that she can relax and rest after hard working days to take care of the whole family. Mother has been struggling for a long time. What’s better than spending time with your mother on health care? This will bring about both physical and mental values.

Design a unique flower vase

What could be more wonderful than putting a beautiful vase for your mom for this special weekend! This will be a private time for you to confide in your mom more.

Go on a picnic right in your garden

It will be ideal when your home has a large and beautiful garden because a small outdoor party celebrating Mother’s Day will be extremely impressed with her. Certainly, this is a great time with that mother and family. Do not miss it. The whole family will have the opportunity to connect and understand each other better, creating beautiful memories together.

Baking with Mom

On this memorable weekend, you and your mom in the kitchen bloom talent to make delicious and beautiful cakes. This will make the mother-daughter affection more closely and warmly.

Take her to the movies

Sounds normal and simple too right? But remember when was the last time you and your mom watched the movie together? Spend more time making you happy not only on Mother’s Day but also in each passing day.

Enhance her Beauty

If you are skillful in makeup, make her become very beautiful and wonderful on this special anniversary. Not only take care of the inner health through food gifts, she will also be very pleased (sometimes the joy she hides carefully is not revealed to her). you know) when you are also interested in her outward beauty

Make cards and write love words

There are simple words like “I love you”, “I thank you” … but sometimes you feel awkward to say. So let the cards help you send your mother love.


Mother Day gift ideas will be normal if you do not know how to make a mark, but as a child, everyone wants to spend good things for her, right? Cooking, going shopping, hanging out or spending time with her are the best gifts. Also spend a lot of time with her, give her lots of love. Give your mother meaningful gifts and don’t forget to thank the great woman.

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