Top 10 Home Remedies to remove dark circles

Top 10 remedies to remove dark circles at home

People who follow proper skin care regimes and those that do not both sometimes notice the appearance of dark circles under their eyes. 

Typically, this is caused due to exhaustion or not getting enough sleep. In some cases though, dark circles appear as a sign of health problems. Either way, one can remove the dark circular marks, with either under-eye creams or homemade remedies. 

Skincare experts know of many methods and remedies to naturally remove the under-eye bags or dark circles; you can get in touch with them for additional advice. 

Reasons why you get dark circles

Particular factors result in the appearance of dark circles. The following are some of these reasons. 

  • Not enough sleep

This is the most common cause of dark circles among men and women. 

During a REM cycle, the body of a person properly repairs the tissues and skin by itself. Consequently, if one does not have sufficient sleep, the systems suffer due to increased stress. This tension causes an increase in steroidal compound content which decreases the healthy circulation of blood to the skin layers. 

Instead, the compound reroutes the blood to the organs and muscles. So, the lack of blood circulation in the eye area appears as dark circles. 

  • Poor blood circulation

The capillaries that carry deoxygenated blood travel closer to the skin surface. 

Typically, the skin in the under-eye region is weak and thin and is almost semi transparent. So, the capillaries carrying deoxygenated blood appear visibly as a darker region under the eyes. 

Since the deoxygenated blood has a slight bluish color, the color is more prominent through the thin under-eye layer. 

  • Iron deficiency

People who do not consume mineral-rich food regularly notice puffy eyes and dark circles compared to those who follow a healthy diet. The discoloration or darkness in the under-eye area occurs due to low iron content inside the body.  

  • Genetics

People belonging to the genetic groups that have higher melanin content notice more noticeable dark circles. These people, such as those of Indians, Africans, and Latin Americans descent, have more pigmentation. Therefore, for them, the dark circles are more prominent even after taking treatments. 

  • Smoking Tobacco

Tobacco use affects healthy blood flow and causes the user to have a paler appearance. Plus, the extra chemical toxins in the nicotine add toxins into the body. 

So, getting rid of these toxins reduces the appearance of healthy fresh vitality, and increases the appearance of under-eye darkness. 

  • Alcohol Consumption

Drinking too much alcohol lessens the oxygen content in the body and causes the liver to work more intensely. Also, after consuming alcohol, the person gets a puffier skin appearance which enhances the darkness in the under-eyes.  

  • Stress

Too much stress leads to a lack of sleep. Which ultimately leads to the formation of dark circles for a person.  

Homemade Remedies remove dark circles naturally

The following are the different types of natural remedies that people use to remove dark circles. (Do a patch test first)

  • Cucumber + Lemon juice

You can create a mixture of cucumber as well as lemon juice in equal amounts. Then, take a cotton ball, soak a little bit of the solution with it, and carefully apply it to the under-eye area. Keep it for 15 minutes and then wash off using warm water. 

  • Tomatoes

The lycopene content in tomatoes presents a soft dermis layer and decreases dark circles, too. Here, add tomato and lemon juice in equal quantities. Afterward, take a makeup remover or cotton ball to apply the mixture under the eyes. And leave it for 10 minutes. 

To note, lemon can cause your eyes to sting badly; do the application step carefully. After the time passes, wash away the solution; continue this daily. 

  • Rose Water

Rosewater is very useful for revitalizing dull skin as it has mild astringent properties. For the application, soak the cotton pads in a bowl of rose water for some minutes. Later, take each pad and leave it to sit on top of the closed eyelids. Repeat this for 15 minutes each daily. 

  • Cold Milk

There is high vitamin A content in milk; this has natural retinoids that brighten the skin. Here, use cold milk-soaked cotton pads on the dark circles for 10 minutes, at least twice each day. 

  • Potatoes

Potatoes have high Vitamin C content which synthesizes collagen well and provides healthier skin. To apply, grate a little bit of potato to extract its juice. Soak a few cotton pads in it and then put it on for 10 minutes.

  • Cold Compress

Experts suggest cold compress treatment for 10 minutes twice a day. Clean it with a soap scrub some times a week and keep it in the refrigerator at all times. 

  • Orange juice

Carefully, add glycerin drops into orange juice and apply the soaked makeup removing cotton pads under the eyes.

  • Eat more dark chocolate

Chocolates are rich in flavonoid which safeguards against UV rays naturally. 

  • Drink more water

People who eat salt-rich food items but not enough water have a bloated appearance. Plus, the sensitive under-eye skin dehydrates more quickly which causes red puffy eyes. Thus, drink more water to compensate.

  • Vitamin E oil

Use a little drop of Vitamin E oil under the eyes and massage it gently. Keep it on for the whole night and wash it off in the morning. 

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Reduce stress and get rid of dark circles at Zoylee

So, in the context of removing dark circles naturally, Zoylee professionals provide particular services for stress relief. Download the online salon booking app- Zoylee, and choose one of these options for yourself.

  • Aromatherapy Massage

The professionals perform gentle massage strokes with aromatic essential oils in the pressure zones. Typically, this reduces stress, detoxifies the skin, and improves sleep quality. 

  • Swedish massage

This medium-pressure method involves a lot of movements, like gliding, kneading, stroking, tapping, rubbing, and pounding. Thereafter, the clients feel more relaxed.

  • Balinese Massage

This deep-tissue and high-pressure practice involves the use of palm pressure, acupressure, essential oils, and gentle strokes in stretch-like motions. It is good for stress relief and promoting blood circulation.


All in all, there are multiple manners in which you can remove dark circles from under your eyes. The homemade remedies are easy to prepare and are good for your skin in many ways. Plus, for extra help, you can opt for professional services as well. 

So, we hope you like the content, now try them and let us know which one is most effective among.

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