Tips to Write Good Thesis Statement

Tips to Write Good Thesis Statement

During paper writing, one of the difficult tasks is to come with a good thesis statement. It is considered as the opening statement which helps to convey why the reader needs to read your essay or paper. If you fail to deliver this part, or it is vague, you will lose the reader’s interest. 

An interesting and powerful statement can help you to win the audience’s attention. It can also be helpful for you as a writer. It will remind you what needs to be proved in the write-up. And can be used to check whether you are a writer going in the right direction with your previously listed reasons. 

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An Essay is Incomplete without the Structure: 

If you are writing an essay, you must know that it follows the proper structure. Without a proper structure, your essay is nothing but just wordy information written on a piece of paper that will drive your reader away from it and you might lose marks too.

An essay structure includes the following parts 

  • An introduction
  • Thesis statement 
  • The main body and,
  • The conclusion

You might be aware of the essay writing but hearing the thesis statement for the first time and thinking what is it? 

“A thesis statement is a line or two that appears in the middle or at the end of the introduction of an essay. It defines and highlights the main point that you’ll discuss and support in the body of the essay”

Writing a thesis statement, particularly for students, might be difficult, but it’s necessary to know how to write a thesis statement. 

Now that you know what it is? Here are some tips to write a good thesis statement. 

1. Understand the Topic: 

If you have to select the topic on your own then the topic should be something that you are familiar with or can learn from it. To write a thesis statement, on a topic about which you have no prior knowledge is challenging.  

Looking at your personal experience or conducting research will assist you in learning more about your topic. 

2. Try to keep it simple:

The most successful thesis statement is the one that can be conveyed in a single sentence. A multi-sentence thesis statement may be appropriate in some situations, but be careful not to dive deep into your argument.

3. Give a Specific Answer:

Consider it as a response to a question. It must be as specific as conceivable for the reader to believe that the paper is worthy of their time and attention.

E.g.: As mentioned above, it should answer a question. So, if the question is:

What do you think the government should do to reduce the traffic jam situation in the city of London?

The question is rephrased and answered in an excellent thesis statement:

In this essay, I will argue that the government of London city should focus on providing proper lanes for public transportation and more traffic signals to reduce the problem of traffic jams by the year 2030.

4. First, make a list of your thoughts:

If you’re having some problems starting your essay or crafting your thesis, write down anything that comes to mind regarding your topic on a piece of paper. Have you come up with any innovative ideas or connections? Do you see any common themes?

5. Be Dedicated.

Your thesis statement should be bold, direct, and strong. Make a tremendous impression. Say something that the audience might not agree with right away, and you must back it up with evidence and good arguments in an essay.

6. Use your argument as the center point:

Your thesis should be persuasive enough to take center stage in your paper. Think of it as the title of the blog and then you need to write the content which relates to the title. 

Importance of writing a thesis statement: 

Your thesis statement must always be precise. There are some point should be able to do It should be able to do as follow:

• To build a strong vision for the essay, the writer must be able to write the key topic in a few phrases.

• Second, a very well PhD thesis statement helps the reader in recognizing the essay’s major point. The thesis usually comes at the end of the introduction part and is followed by the body paragraph, which contains evidence and thoughts to support the thesis.

Now that you know what it is and why it is important. Here are some of the essential tips for writing up good thesis statements.

You Are All Set to Write: 

Writing a strong thesis statement is a valuable skill to have not only in college but in everyday life. It’s important to remember that your thesis also should reflect your paper’s conclusions.

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