Tips on Choosing the Best iPhone Repair Parts Distributor

In this article we will provide you some Tips on Choosing the Best iPhone Repair Parts Distributor.

best iPhone repair parts distributor

So, iPhones often need repairing and if you are running a repair shop you probably know that these spare parts can cost a lot and not all spares are of the same quality. So it would be good if you buy the spares from a wholesale supplier. You’ll get the best deal with them regarding both the costs and the quality.

But with so many distributors available, how to choose the best iPhone repair parts distributor who will supply you reliable repair parts like iPhone screen assembly, charging port, etc. at the best prices?

Well if you are not checking your distributor’s products on certain parameters, you should do that now. Because it might just be that you are missing the best deal from a genuine wholesale distributor. Look out for these signs when choosing one.

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Look for Additional Discount on Bulk Orders

Always inquire if your distributor is giving additional discounts if you purchase repair parts in bulk. Any good wholesaler will have this information already mentioned on their website. Or you can also contact their sales executive to learn more about the discounts provided for bulk orders. Additional discounts will help you curtail the costs of the spare parts and thus you can earn more profits. So, if your distributor is not providing any such discounts it’ll be better if you find some other distributor.

Look for Secure Payment Methods

When you are dealing with a distributor with online payments, you need to be extra cautious and verify if the payment platform is secure. So, ask the distributor if they save your credit card details when you pay online. Choose distributors using secure payment methods like PayPal or others.

Look for Quality Checks

Distributors usually perform tests on iPhone parts like the QC test to determine if the spares are of standard quality before shipping them to you and also ensure that the parts reach you safely. Some distributors also often recommend their customers to perform the Dead on Arrival (DOA) testing to check if any part is faulty and give you the facility to claim if you have received any of them. This ensures that whatever you are buying is maintaining strict quality standards and also none of them are defective.

Some distributors also guide their customers to perform quick quality control checks on the iPhone parts you buy. Some even suggest proper testing procedures. So, before contacting any distributor, you should visit their website and check if you get the details regarding these things.

Look for Warranty

Always go for distributors who provide warranty on iPhone repair parts. You can find the information on the distributor website or you can inquire. With most distributors, you can get a minimum of a one month warranty. Some may even offer a three-month warranty. It’s always good to purchase from those who provide a warranty because then you will be assured of the quality.


Shipping Charge

Often when you purchase in bulk, you’ll get a discount in many forms. One of them is free shipping. You can get this facility with many distributors. You’ll just have to inquire beforehand. It’s great when you get these discounts like free shipping when you want to save some money and make the best purchase deal.

So, choosing the right iPhone repair parts distributor is required so that you can save on purchasing and make your profits higher. Choosing a good wholesaler will also make sure that the iPhone repair parts meet the standards in terms of quality. A good purchase often goes a long way in deciding the profits and thus you should purchase your spares only from a reliable and trusted iPhone spare parts distributor.

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