Tips For Building Up Cervical Spinal Strength And Improve Head Postures

Struggling with incorrect posture problems. Don’t worry this article will definitely help you to Improve Head Postures.

a girl in pain due to forward head posture problem.

What is it?

Forward Head Posture is an ineffective neck alignment. It often accompanies Upper Crossed Syndrome, where the upper half of the body leans forward. Upper Crossed Syndrome also commonly accompanies Cervical Spondylosis, and can make the neck curve inwards. (Fhp) is also known as “Cervical Overproduction” by many chiropractors.

For better understanding, let’s look at scapular development. The main function of the scapula is to act as a “shock absorber” for the largest muscles of our arm (the triceps) during the upwards or downwards movement of the arm. Scapular exercises help reduce and even reverse the development of the scapular muscles.

Effects of Forward head posture:

With the Forward Head Posture, there is an excessive forward rotation of the neck, shoulders and torso. This places a tremendous strain on the lower cervical spine. If the weight of the head and neck is place on the upper cervical spinal column, this puts pressure on the L5, S2 and Ullrichian tubes. In fact, the S2, L5 and Ullrichian tubes are so close to each other that a small amount of “leaking” can occur. The result – the “cervical subluxation” described above. It is very important to reverse this type of spinal misalignment, because it can cause a variety of serious medical conditions, such as degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis, herniated discs and even stroke.

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What happens when someone develops a forward head posture?

One of the first things that happens is that the muscles of the head and neck become tight. These muscles pull and push on the outer boundary of the space between the two cervical vertebrae. An improper alignment can create space for various structures to slip out of place, creating muscle tension and possible injury.

What is Capitis?

Capitis is actually inflammation of the capillaries, which are the small blood vessels that supply the large muscles of the face and neck. An easy way to visualize the area of the “capillary” and its relationship to the muscles and the capillaries is provided by the familiar squeeze technique. Whenever you hold a vacuum cleaner to your face, squeeze your lips around the nozzle. The skin on the inside of your hand and the outside of your palm squeeze tight. This illustrates the concept of how an improper posture or tightness in the scapular muscles can create space between the two cervical vertebrae, resulting in pain.

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Treatment to improve Forward head Posture

If one suffers from chronic scapular depression, it is important to treat the condition and not the symptoms. There are numerous treatments, some of which include physical therapy, medications, special exercises, breathing exercises and chiropractic manipulations.

Breathing Exercises

One of the easiest ways to improve head postures is through specific breathing exercises. There are numerous such exercises that were developed through decades of scientific research and are available online as DVD or booklets.

Use Chiropractor

The most important thing is to change the posture, correct any problems and then continue to do it. So, for those who have chronic problems, a chiropractor may provide specific spinal manipulations to correct the alignment. The chiropractor will usually begin with the low back and work up to the shoulders. He will use his hands to massage the muscles and their attachments to move the joints in the proper alignment. An example of a spinal manipulation using the scapula is the Thoracic Angularis Scapulae Release, commonly called TENS.

Final words

Other simple exercises are done by a physical therapist or at home. They include strengthening the abdominal muscles, stretching them to elongate the ligaments around the spine and strengthen the neck muscles, particularly the cervical spine and the levator scapulae. Regular exercise and proper diet are essential for keeping the body healthy. A chiropractor can teach a client how to maintain good posture and build up the strength of the muscles in this area.

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