The Most Common Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries

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Everyone wants to look attractive and beautiful but most importantly everyone wants to retain his or her youth. Be it a man or a woman, no one wants to get old. Taking care of one’s self is nothing new. Since ancient times, humans have been using herbs and potions to look more beautiful. Whether drinking a potion or applying, some herbal paste on the skin. Humans have come up with newer and sometimes even bizarre ways to increase their beauty.

But no herb or potion can come close to what can be achieved today. With the advancement in medicine and surgery, naturally, the field of cosmetics also advanced. Scientists have come up with new and innovative ways to enhance one’s beauty and hide one’s defects.

As with any trend, celebrities are the first to get onto the bandwagon. And the rest of the general public followed soon. Cosmetic procedures are trending worldwide. Around 23 million eyelids have bee tightened, lips plumped or fat suctioned off every year. The average age is around 41 years and is almost identical for men and women.

However, there are differences in the choice of plastic surgery. While rhinoplasty is the most popular procedure among men. As women are particularly unhappy with their eyelids.  But not all types of surgeries are done merely because people do not satisfy with their looks. These surgeries also help recreate faces and other body parts of burn victims and people in terrible accidents. But for now, we are looking at merely the cosmetic side of things.

Top 5 Most Common Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries Procedure

Eyelid lift

Eyelid reshaping is usually done solely for cosmetic reasons. However, in some patients whose eyelids obstruct the view, the eyelid lift can also improve eyesight. Too much skin or sagging skin can cause blurred vision and contribute to the appearance of aging.

However, eyelids with chronic swelling or wrinkling are often reduce during the procedure. Fat pads under the eyes, which cause bags under the eyes, are disappear using the lower eyelid procedure, if necessary.

The average recovery after this surgery is about ten days, with the swelling becoming less noticeable over weeks or months. The price of an eyelid lift can be different for each patient. In any case, a preliminary examination and detailed consultation should take place. During which the patient will be made aware of his or her individual costs for an eyelid lift.


The second most prevalent cosmetic surgery is liposuction, also known as liposuction. This is a procedure in which fat is sucked out from certain areas of the body. In order to create a slimmer and more elegant silhouette.

In tumescent liposuction, a solution of saline, a drug to narrow blood vessels. And an anesthetic are usually infused into the area to be treated. This liquid is then sucked off together with the fat via cannulas.

In ultrasound-assisted liposuction, the cannula releases ultrasound energy to melt fat so it can be sucked out of the body. However, it carries more risks than tumescent liposuction.

Breast augmentation

In 2018, every twelfth cosmetic operation in women was breast augmentation. In previous years the proportion was twice as high. This procedure is performed for a variety of reasons. Such as enlarging both breasts, replacing a missing breast, or making asymmetrical breasts the same size.

Silicone implants, which were previously banned for health reasons, are increasingly preferred to saline solutions. The reason given is the more realistic feel of silicone.


Naturally, there is hardly any demand for breast augmentation among men. For them, rhinoplasty is the most popular plastic surgery. Rhinoplasty commonly referred to as a nose job reshapes the nose and aligns it with the rest of the face. The surgeon can reduce the overall size of the nose. Or refine areas of the nose for a more comfortable look.

In some cases where surgery can improve breathing. For example, if you have a crooked nasal septum. The insurance will cover part or all of the cost of the rhinoplasty. There may be bruises after the operation


The facelift is equally popular with men and women. It tightens the skin of the face for a more youthful look by gently tightening the skin. And smoothing out deep lines.

A facelift is often combine with another procedure, such as an eyelid lift, to improve the patient’s overall appearance. Swelling, redness and bruises are normal after the operation. But the same applies here: If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer.


We hope you like the information about The Most Common Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries. However, Plastic surgery can be also be use for permanent tattoos removal. Where as there is no need of surgery to remove henna tattoos.

Now let us know your thoughts about these surgeries in the comment section below. Share your experience with us. Have a great day.

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