The Chocolates Facts and Effects

They are the most loved sweet treats across the globe. It is estimated that people from Europe and United States alone consume more than 3.5 million tons of cocoa a year. So, that’s why today we will discuss some facts and effects of chocolates.

The Chocolates bar Facts and Effects

How is Chocolate made ?

It is basically a solid mixture of cocoa butter and some kinds of sweetener like sugar, flavors, and some preservatives. The beans, after harvesting, are ferment, dried, cleaned, and ground to produce a paste. This is then pressed to form ingredients such as chocolate liquor and cocoa butter. The pure form, which is also called dark chocolates, is made with almost 70 percent cocoa liquor and butter. On the other hand, white chocolate consists of 50 percent cocoa liquor. 

The Kinds of Chocolate

There are three major kinds available in the market:

  • Dark chocolates

They have the main ingredients as chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, and vanilla. It is bitter and sweet in taste at the same time. These have tremendous health and psychological benefits.

  • Milk chocolates

They have all the same ingredients as the dark chocolates have. But it has added milk fats and milk solids. 

  • White chocolates

It contain everything that the milk chocolates have except for the liquor. So, it has been an ongoing debate whether they are really chocolates or not. Because they do not have the cocoa liquor in them. But many experts proved that it is a kind of chocolate and not a confectionary. 

There are countless brands available in the market. The chocolate boxes have the percentage of cocoa and other ingredients written on them through which the purity is distinguished. Moreover, several chocolates come with the added ingredients like almonds and nuts, etc. It depends on your personal preferences that which kind you desire the most. And which will satisfy your sweet tooth

Psychological and Health Benefits of Chocolates 

Boost Mood and Improves Memory 

Many people eat chocolate to enhance their mood. It actually works as a mood lifter and reduces anxiety and stress. People usually carry the a bar with them to make themselves feel better whenever they face a stressful situation. Moreover, it is a proven fact that they are quite common among the students. As eating a bar improves memory and enhances concentration level. Also, it is best to eat when you feel a little hungry. It makes you feel fuller and make your mind work with efficacy. 

Improves Mental Health 

In today’s busy world, everyone faces anxiety and depression. Instead of having an anti-depressant, you can simply add chocolate to your daily routine. It triggers the hormones that are responsible for happiness and mood alleviation. Promising studies have shown that it has the ability to improve the cognitive functions of the brain. It is also said that its consumption can lower the risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease. Which is a fatal disease, and make the individual’s life miserable. Researches have depicted that, on average, eating one bar a week has been proven to decrease the risk of cognitive decline.

Promote Cardiac Health  

Recent studies have shown that cocoa or pure chocolate has been proven helpful in promoting cardiac health and also prevent cancer. It is full of calories with a high content of saturated fat. So, when you take a bar every day, you will need to cut some calories from other meals. They are antioxidant-rich, which is great for the skin and body. 

The Final Thought 

Chocolate is now being use for about 4000 years. Eating a bar has tremendous psychological and health benefits. So, what would be greater than eating something that reduces stress and also tastes great at the same time? Adding chocolate to your daily routine positively impacts your health and enhances your mood, and eliminates your stress instantly. 

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