Social Media Marketing – How It Differs From Wiki Marketing

Social Media Marketing - How It Differs From Wiki Marketing


Over the years, digital marketing has taken the world over by a surprise. Every brand and business organization is now making use of digital marketing tools. And trying to create awareness through it in the most effective and efficient manner. It is quite a vast term/field under the umbrella of digital marketing. There are many types and approaches that differ from each other in style and methodology.

If you think about it, you will be able to comprehend. That digital marketing is actually a term that incorporates all the marketing activity being done online through the digital platform. 


Now lets dig a little more into marketing

Different Approaches of Marketing:

There are two basic approaches:

1) Active Marketing and

2) Passive Marketing.

Active Marketing:

In layman terms, all the aggressive advertising and marketing activities that are use to persuade the target audience falls under this. Most promotional activities that we usually come across on social media and other digital mediums are usually a part of active marketing.

Passive Marketing:

Passive marketing is a much subtler approach. It actually makes use of the existing demand in the target audience.

And simply uses that demand to channel the target audience towards the products. Content marketing can be known as one of the best examples for this marketing. 

However, content is something that can be designed to actively pursue. And aggressively persuade target audiences as well.

You can look at it this way, most brands hire a Wikipedia writing service. And get their wiki pages created just. So ,that they can provide information based on facts to their target audiences. And without including any kind of promotion in the content.

Whereas, content on social media platforms is use to actively influence the buying decisions of the target audience.

Differences Between Wiki Pages And Social Media Marketing:

Marketing Through Wikis:

The Wikipedia pages are created with the purpose of only providing reliable and factual information to the target audience.

These wiki pages make use of researched information. And provide references about the information being provided on the page or article.

Furthermore, wiki marketing is an approach that falls under the umbrella of passive marketing. Because using promotional content on a wiki page is not allowed. And if such content is use on a wiki page. It usually gets a wiki page or article rejected by the official Wikipedia editors during the screening process. 

However, wiki pages are known to be one of the most effective marketing tools in the business world.

Not only are these pages a great tool for creating awareness. But are also a great tool for keeping the target audiences engaged.

There are countless other benefits for creating wikis and using them for brands and companies . Such as these pages are an exceptional way for increasing the overall performance and online reach of the brand.

Other than that there are various other benefits of using wikis. Such as increase in credibility, reputation, online visibility and many more.

Social Media Marketing:

It has been one of the most useful and popular tools use by brands. To influence the buying decisions of the target audience. This marketing is known to be a highly cost effective way of creating awareness. And engaging the target audiences.

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But One of the biggest differences between social media marketing and wiki marketing is that. The content being used on social media is of all types. Video content, audio content and written content can all be use on social media platforms. 


All in all, both known to be great tools for creating awareness among the target audiences. Both these approaches are equally effective for marketing and using either of them in the right way . Then it can help your brands to accomplish your business goals and objectives in the most efficient manner. 

We hope you like this article. If yes then let us know what type of marketing you do in the comment section below.

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