Small Business Ideas List in Pakistan

Take a look at top 10 pandemic friendly small business ideas list in Pakistan:

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Earlier this year, as the global disaster started to open. Our way of living, working, and doing business changed dramatically and immediately.

So, in this post, we will look at top 10 Business Ideas list. That offer opportunities for managers during these circumstances. In particular, we will look at services that see improved demand online and industries where we observe more companies starting.


Top 10 Small Business Ideas List in Pakistan

Following are the Top 10 Small Business Ideas List in Pakistan:

Hand sanitizer and soap

The increase in demand for hand sanitizer and soap from customers isn’t unusual. And has created an opportunity for administrators and businesses.

Many current businesses have turned their current manufacturing capacity to meet this improved demand.

Highlighting the possibility in this space for administrators. Hand sanitizer and soap was the fastest developing ecommerce category in March, according to Slack line.

Fitness devices and online fitness classes

With many people helpless to access gyms. There has been a boom for fitness equipment for the home and virtual fitness classes. Many gyms, fitness trainers, and yoga workshops are now going online.

Weight training and Yoga Equipment were both in the top 50 fastest developing ecommerce categories in March, according to Slack line. 

Household and cleaning supplies

With people spending more time at home. Tt does mind that online search for these goods has improved, which forces immediate opportunities for small businesses and administrators.

Dishwashing Supplies, Laundry Supplies, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Toilet Accessories, and Trash Bags. All made the top 100 fastest growing ecommerce levels in March, according to Slack line.

Health and medical

With the health risks from this disaster. People are spending more on healthy things like vitamins and health-related devices. 

Toys, games, and puzzles

With kids and parents at home more, parents are looking for new ways to keep occupied. Many are going back to the future with online demand to control games, puzzles increasing, creating new products and businesses in this space.

Craft Kits & Projects Toy Clay & Dough, Ping Pong, were all in the top 100 fastest developing ecommerce levels in March, according to Slack line.

Face masks, gloves, and protective clothing

So, with the increased need for face masks and gloves in the general community due to concerns about this disease. There has been increased online demand for these products. Many large businesses are attempting to meet this requirement — still; there are also opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses to enter this space.

According to Slack line, disposable gloves were the fastest growing ecommerce section in March, with 670% growth.


Different Footwear Client Growing Business

Footwear in Pakistan is estimated to take off. Although India and China are essential in this area. Pakistan is ready for opportunity due to the low costs and high-quality supplies the county can produce.

To help local producers and other businesses in Pakistan gain on the possible growing footwear business. You could help them find clients familiar who want their shoes manufactured in Pakistan.

Then you could take a portion of the resources that the manufacturing plant would receive for the deal, or a simple fee could be required. This is a low-cost way of using this growth to build a company. A high-cost method would be to make the manufacturing facilities yourself.

Food and food delivery

While many restaurants and cafes have experienced this disaster. Online shopping has improved compared to buying food, giving food entrepreneurs’ possibilities. With more people consuming or cooking at home, there are possibilities for businesses that can help them do this. Food delivery and online cooking classes are two clear ideas.

Soup, Rice, Milk & Cream, Pasta, and Vegetables all made the top 20 fastest increasing eCommerce categories in March, according to Slack line. 

Read and Writing Non-For-Profit Service

So, a significant problem declared multiple times by locals in Pakistan is improved education in the country. Ignorance is a considerable problem. And it requires to be directed to the entire community so the economy can be successful.

The reading and writing non-for-profit set would help resolve this problem by helping affected communities learn reading and writing basics. To make money, you may need to gather funds.

From contributions to the restricted district or you may be able to get a gift from the government to fund your works. Although it may be difficult to manage financially. It would give a lot of long-lasting value to the population and grow with new business as people learn.

Home office products and services

With so many people working from home. There has been a similar increase in facilities and services to help people with this. This has given opportunities for high tech companies like Zoom and Slack, providing communication software. Still, it also allows small businesses and administrators. Who can find a way to help people serving from home, whether that is through an office chair, a computer monitor, or a new item of software to help them work remotely.

Computer Monitors, Office Chairs, Office Tables, Keyboard & Mouse all made the top 100 fastest-rising ecommerce categories in March, according to Slack line.

Simple phone manufacturing company

Another manufacturing similar industry that Pakistan is available to see growth in is the phone manufacturing division.

This is also because the authority has recently included new policies that make it more beneficial for companies to have their phones and devices made in Pakistan. And with policy changes come great business opportunities to get deals and manufacture smart phones.

This business idea would need more start-up capital initially but could pay off in the long-run. Initially, you would require building or buying Smartphone manufacturing equipment and hiring artists to make the phones. However, large deals could quickly generate lots of resources for you and your company.

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Humayoun Mussawar

Nice article
When we talk about the top business ideas in Pakistan we found graphic designing one of the top leading businesses. What do graphic designers do? In an understandable phrase, it is a process of craft where graphic designers create visuals, images & content to convey their message to people. Designers use different typography, picture’s to create an attractive view of their product.



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