Preventive measures for Dermatologists in Covid-19

Preventive measures for Dermatologists in Covid-19

Change is constant. The world is continuously changing and it has tremendously changed since the Covid-19 prevailed. It has been tough on doctors, physicians as well as dermatologists to conquer such a virus. With emerging waves of Covid-19 as it changed over time have had doctors ponder. With the hype of fear spreading through people, preventive measures had to be taken to minimize the virus effects. Doctors including dermatologists had to be careful as several skin conditions had been found in the Covid-19 patients. Some skin diseases like seborrheic, dermatitis, and acne had been described. With the unfamiliar virus escalating with time dermatologists had to take preventive measures. Awareness regarding skin complications had to be announced to the dermatologists for carefulness. Currently, the virus is an alternative in symptoms and signs. So, dermatologists need to be extra considerate and alert.

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Preventive measures in Covid-19

Some preventive measures had to be taken among dermatologists and patients in Covid-19:


  • The staff must sanitize and wash their hands after the check-up.
  • The equipment must be cleane and stabilized after the use of each patient.
  • Clean every piece of equipment with alcohol after each patient’s use.
  • Shaking of hands is prohibited.
  • Keep your distance from patients as much as possible.
  • Keep your time in the clinic as short as possible.
  • Reduce the number of people coming per day to your clinic.
  • Cleanliness for non-clinical places like doorknobs, light switches, benches, and furniture of the hospital.
  • The waiting room must be clean with alcohol.
  • The staff should avoid public transport as much as possible.
  • Hands must be washed for at least 20 seconds.
  • If unwell, one must stay at home.
  • Avoid unnecessary touching of eyes, mouth, and nose.
  • One must not sneeze in open but rather sneeze into a tissue or one’s elbow.
  • Hand sanitizing stations should be available at clinics and hospitals.
  • Masks and gloves must be provided upon entry.
  • Temperature screening should be available at the entrance.
  • In case of being extra cautious teleconsults should be provided and made available.
  • Areas between patients and the staff must be clean after a certain interval of time.
  • Respiratory hygiene like wearing masks and gloves while entering the hospital must be kept in check.
  • The dermatologist who has their clinics needs to be strict in the matter of safety measures.
  • Dermatologists should make sure that patients take their appointments from home rather than at the Front Desk.
  • They should wear surgical caps and googles while checking the patient.
  • Dermatologists should get their selves vaccinated.
  • They should minimize the scheduling of appointments if not necessary.


  • Patients with symptoms of covid i.e., flu, fever, etc. must not visit the clinic.
  • If possible the patient should visit alone and not with family members to avoid the spreading of the virus.
  • Sanitizing is a must; each patient must sanitize their hands before entering.
  • Patients should wear masks and gloves.
  • Patients must stay in their rooms and avoid going out of their rooms unnecessarily.
  • People with symptoms of coronavirus must visit hospitals near them. Or quarantine themselves to prevent the spread of the virus.


So, with the spread of the coronavirus, symptoms like dry eyes, cough, and high fever are consider as the normal symptoms of covid-19. Dermatologists should be careful in evaluating the skin findings in this pandemic. Health providers can help in reducing the spread and escalation of Covid-19 by considering the above precautions. It is the need of the moment for all doctors to follow strict SOPs and save lives.

The necessity of taking precautions has to be mandatory. As it is beneficial for both the patient and the doctor. Dermatologists need to be cautious about the equipment and machines that they use. They must also take care of the surrounding by cleaning them. Cleanliness is one of the measure turning points in the minimization of Covid-19. Dermatologists must also follow the preventive measures recommended by WHO and certain other global organizations. So, by being cautious and careful, dermatologists can help save lives. And help minimize the spread and escalation of the virus.

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Now you have read all the necessary precautions so Stay safe and Take care.

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