Major Physical Therapy Treatment Options To Treat Arthritis

Major Physical Therapy Treatment Options To Treat Arthritis

Physiotherapy is a healthcare service that entirely focuses on creating the functioning and mobility of the affected body parts. At times, you may experience pain in any part of your body be it legs, shoulders, arms, etc. you might not need medications every time to get relief, at such times, physiotherapy may be the right choice for you especially if you are looking for the Treatment Options To Treat Arthritis. 

Is physiotherapy effective?

Physiotherapy works in the majority of cases if not in full recovery then at least the pain relief. treatments like cold/ heatwave therapy can boost the recovery process thereby strengthening your muscles. It’s necessary to attend the sessions regularly as per the recommendation of physiotherapists since the process is gradual and may take a significant amount of time. Not only that, the recommended exercises need to be done to boost the muscles. 

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Who needs physiotherapy?

Any person facing the below conditions can approach the physiotherapist:

  • Got injured while playing/ running
  • Suffering from chronic pain 
  • Pain in joints
  • Difficulty while standing or walking 
  • Undergone orthopedic surgery
  • Muscle soreness

You need to search for the best physiotherapists in case you need the best possible treatment options to treat arthritis. There are various techniques such as hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, manual therapy, and patient counseling and advice. 

Let’s first understand the process:

Before treatment, the physiotherapist performs a physical assessment test. This assessment involves examining your day-to-day activities, posture, range of joint motion, muscle strength test, respiratory function, and more. They will then understand and measure the impact of arthritis pain on scales I and II. Opt for a good physiotherapy treatment service in your region to get quick relief from cumbersome pain. 

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Physiotherapy Treatment Options To Treat Arthritis


This particular technique provides palliative treatment, specifically in the case of chronic or acute conditions. It involves the utilization of water for effectively treating arthritis. And specialized exercises are performed inside water. Particularly in the temperature range of 33-36 °C.  This is needed to be done at regular intervals to get relief from rheumatoid arthritis. You would also be required to perform several exercises in parallel.

Electrical Simulation

The common form of electrotherapy used to treat arthritis is TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. This treatment method is found to be effective among several patients ranging from a week to months.


Soothing and relaxing therapy for those looking for pain relief. You can either carry this out on your own or take the help of a professional massage therapist. The ambience during the message also plays a key role here.

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Another effective treatment technique is acupuncture. It works by pressing the particular points on the body and works by stimulating the brain. The brain then releases endorphins and this is the goal of this method. 

Manual treatment 

Physiotherapists use a manual approach using merely the hands for relieving stiffness and pain in joints. Manual therapy has shown exciting benefits in treating knee joint pain. This technique requires daily sessions by therapists and lasts for almost an hour.

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Another technique involves compression gloves, manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and splinting of the affected joints. It also involves educating the patients on all these techniques and their benefits in getting relief. 

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It’s a fact that regular exercise helps in strengthening your joints and muscles, thereby improving your overall fitness and stamina. General or graded exercises are useful in reducing arthritis pain.

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Overall duration

The actual duration of physiotherapy sessions cannot be defined. It varies with the kind of pain, criticality the person is going through, and healing capacity. Some might take months whereas some can recover within weeks.


One cannot guarantee the results from physiotherapy but it definitely can help lessen the pain. Holistic recovery depends on several factors as defined above but chances of recovery increase over some time.

If physiotherapy treatment has any side effects?

Now the question arises if physiotherapy treatment has any side effects. Since physiotherapy takes a certain time and is a gradual treatment process. At times, one might experience pain and swelling in the process of getting recovered. The specialist can help you with the proper medications which definitely can help get rid of such side effects if any.

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1. Intensity of pain

It happens sometimes that the intensity of pain increases with the recovery process but gradually you may feel much relaxed. Oral pain medicines can work as a better solution in such cases if administered before the session.

2. Swelling

This is common as muscles and tissues may get stretched in the process of strengthening them. The result could be swelling and pain. 

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Arthritis is a complex condition and worsens over time. It’s necessary to choose the right physiotherapy technique in getting the much-needed relief. At times, we have to take added efforts in improving our lifestyle and strictly following the recommendations offered by physiotherapists. The best recommendation is to regularly exercise to be safe and get rid of such complex conditions. Whatever the case, do not depend much on medications and take the benefit of this wonderful treatment method available.

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