Types of Logo Design that You Should Know as a Graphic Designer In 2022

Types of Logo Design that You Should Know as a Graphic Designer In 2022

With a rise in businesses in tremendous sectors, the need for complementary services has drastically increased in recent times. This has also been successfully able to modify the roles and career opportunities. Similar is the case of graphic designers that have entered the digital era with a storming impression. These creative enthusiasts often take on projects like developing business cards, logos, posters, advertisements, and also work on designing websites for various companies. In this blog, you will explore and uncover the secret behind the success of every custom logo designing agency that is being well informed. So, begin your passion for logo making by first getting familiar with the top and most prevalent logo design types.

What kinds/types of logo Design are in demand?

1. Emblem Logo

These logos are exemplary and marvelous because there is so much to get inspired from these icons and more than that, you can add or subtract the colors, and other elements of a logo as per your choice. You can think of these logos as a striking balance of the icon and wordmark which is often the brand name. The history of the emblem logo goes a long way as since its inception, numerous organizations in various sectors such as education, automobile, and technology. The biggest reason for opting for an emblem logo is that because of a great combination it can grab the attention of viewers instantly and it undoubtedly looks more impactful. The top example of an existing business showcasing its emblem logo would be Harley Davidson.

2. Abstract Logo 

If power could radiate from any logo, the Abstract logo would have taken the throne. It is robust, rigorous, and insightful. Whenever brands build abstract logos, you will see there would be a deep meaning to it. For this reason, it also becomes the talk of the town, and who wouldn’t want that? More talk means, it goes viral, and then you can see how it explodes the internet. Especially today, where anything has the chance of surfing the world like fire, if you want to attain the attention of audiences in one go, creating a powerful logo should be your goal. While designing an abstract logo for your clients, it can be convenient for you when working in teams, the more the ideas; you can maximize the potential of your skills for your clients in the most unique way. An excellent example to cater to this would be Twitter

3. Letter mark logo

Attractive, simple, and versatile the letter mark logos can be found in an abundant amount across the world. These logos are not too much for anyone in their sight because they are too light. The best gain of a letter mark logo is that it can fit into any small or larger medium. Whether you want to see it digitally or get a hard copy, this logo can be the most useful and convenient logo by far. It includes the initials of a brand name that might seem an easy job to many but what can be turbulent is to come up with enticing font types and styles that make your logo enhanced and not basic. To elevate its features, you can get inspiration from some of the top companies of the world such as BBC and IBM.

4. Mascot Logo

Witty and funky, the mascot logo is a popular choice amongst brands that are operating on a larger scale. It has an animation factor in it that makes your logo look visually pleasing. Besides, it has all other elements that can bring the ‘A’ game righteously into the business. For instance, with the use of mascot logos, one can intrigue a big chunk of audiences, and that is how most brands make a relationship with their consumers. Now if you are thinking, what could it be then dozens of examples can complement this explanation. KFC, the globally known food chain with the best-fried chicken, owns the top example of a mascot logo; and how does it suit it? It is thoughtfully designed so that it can be robust enough to attract even the small aged audience.  So you can draft a mascot logo by perceiving objects, animals, or even a person. Graphic designers share the art of turning real-life images into mascot logos.

5. Wordmark logo

Don’t find yourself puzzled here. The previous emphasis was on the letter mark logos, and there is a fine line between the two. This logo is about the brand name instead of focusing solely on the initials. So if your client wants to adhere to the audience with a full name then you can suggest them with the wordmark logos. With such projects, the designers have to bring their expertise in front styles and colors, and of course the background schemes as well. Some of the globally recognized brands of all time like ZARA and Mango are golden examples falling in this category.

The takeaway

While the list of logo design types is endless, if you understand these five, you are good, to begin with your graphic designing career.

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