Integrate Your HTML Files To WordPress Website With These Solutions

Integrate Your HTML Files To WordPress Website With These Solutions

HTML which is the abbreviation for hypertext markup language is the one that helps in creating and providing a structure to the web pages. These documents are the ones that carry amazing content that can be seen on the browser. With HTML there is also an added benefit of creating these files from the zero levels or converting these files from some existing ones. HTML files are often looked upon as a very beneficial one as this could be directly put across in any browser and will get rendered very fast. The nature of these files to be mobile friendly also help in ease and comfort. The benefits that HTML files offer are multi-varied with the presence of WordPress.

HTML and WordPress have the thing in common, where HTML files could help you in getting your very own design and customization, something that WordPress on a whole doesn’t offer within the web page, making your page one of a kind. This is where the basic idea of integrating both components comes into the picture. Here are the findings of our best HTML to WordPress conversion services, which could help you in this process.

Why should you integrate HTML files into WordPress? 

WordPress is a website-building tool and provides you with a wide variety of custom-made and pre-designed themes and design elements. This also helps in adding a wide variety of pages all across. The HTML files you might have created earlier could be just brought into the WordPress dashboard and converted well so that you don’t have to spend an entire workforce time rebuilding it all over again. 

This not only saves time and effort but also will reduce any errors that might occur if you have to copy each of the files and then upload it to the WordPress page. Yet another benefit of this process is in the customization of the design. Since WordPress has a limited amount of design elements included within them, you could create an HTML file for yourself with creative elements and then get it converted to the web page. It also does give you the benefit of verifying the site with google console.

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 How can you integrate HTML into WordPress? 

1. Use of admin dashboard

A very simple way to achieve the function of conversion is to use the tool of visual editor. This is indeed pretty smooth and fast and for accessing this utility you need to use the admin dashboard.

2. Click the option “posts”

As you go through the dashboard you will notice a menu called “sites” in the left sidebar. Then a sub-menu will appear once you click it, with the option “sites”. You need to click that to load a new screen altogether where you can work through the HTML. 

3. Work through an old post or new one

Once you have achieved this, you now have the option of recreating and redesigning an existing post or create a new one by clicking the “Add a new post” bar. The option to edit is widely available for any post that you think needs a re-touch of designs and elements. When the chosen file is clicked through you could access the visual editor automatically where you can curate the necessary changes you wished for.

4. Adding the block

The visual editor does have an option called “ add block” which will show you a menu with various functionalities on the left-hand side of the screen which will help in achieving the design you wanted. Here are the findings of our best HTML to WordPress conversion services for your better help.

5. Add your files

Once the add block has opened up, you could choose the add a file within the menu which will help on adding and uploading a new file. You could also click on the menu named HTML so that you could copy and paste the links you have created for the entire block by yourself. This could help in designing in a very smooth and streamlined way altogether. 

6. Choosing the HTML file

Once you have chosen and added the files t is finally time to upload them. This will immediately make the changes in the current post or create an entirely new one on your web page. This entire process is extremely automated and is very simple, easy, and comfortable overall.


So these are the overall steps involved in the entire process of integrating HTML to your WordPress pages.

Word press is the most sought-after website building tool and also the platform. This is a laurel brought in by the innumerable designs they have, the way they rank among the search engines, and also the freedom to design the web page uniquely. The freedom comes with a lot of work too but they also have inbuilt editors that could help you achieve your vision within a lesser time frame.

The HTML files that you have created could simply include some changes in the design elements that you envisioned or is just the entire retouching of a post. No matter how elaborate it looks, within the platform of WordPress, it does look like a very achievable and comfortable feat.

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