How to set my Canon printer to factory reset?

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Most good quality printers, even some of the premium ones like Canon can have some problems arising after they have been in use for a long period of time. What one can do is make sure they do a hard reset once after you have used it for a while; this would mean altering the settings on the device properly so that it functions properly again. 

Why this is done is because doing a reset fixes all the printer problems which might have risen along the way. It might also help with removing all the printing jobs which you have lined up for you, and then one can start over. What you can also do for some of the best outcome is make sure that you also do a hardware cleanup along with this.

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Steps to factory reset Canon printer

Reboot First

One of the first things which you need to do before conducting a reset is make sure you reboot the printer so that most of the usual concerns are fixed. Make sure you disconnect it entirely and then use it. Start it from scratch again. Also clear the printing jobs which were lined up on the device for the task to become simpler at a later stage. Make sure that you during this period stick to printing only one at a time or else there might be a printer jam. Otherwise, continue printing only after reset entirely.

Ink level

One important concern which needs to be reset in specific is the ink level or requirement on the printer. This is something which will bother the printer at a later stage if not fixed earlier. This can however be fixed by you. First go to the printer screen and click on the pause or even the reset option. Depending on the model of your canon printer, the button could also say resume instead of these two. You have to click on it for a few minutes and then continue using it after this is done.

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Do a proper Reset

In some cases where the printer problem is not simple to fix, then you have to do a proper reset. Make sure that you click on the stop button on the printer. And click on it until the light or sound starts to show. Once the alarm is done ringing a number of times and then you release it, then the normal settings of the printer have been restored. This has been set back to a default for your usage. 

Remove Network Connections

Note that all of the printer data or queued up print jobs have now been erased from your device. It is also recommended that you remove the printer from any of the network connections which it was being used with. And then establish a fresh connection by starting them again. This will also help you devise the settings more to your needs. It is something which will not only enable your printer to function better. But also make it a faster and more efficient device to use. 

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Alternate Way

Conclusively, try to do these steps to do the hard reset on your own. There is always the option of calling customer care phone numbers for Canon to fix the issue for you. There are also a lot of technicians to guide you through the process. This is something which is one of the better things about investing in a brand like Canon. You will get premium customer care treatment too. There will be professionals to help you through the whole process too.

Canon printer factory reset Issues and Solutions

  • In certain conditions, your printer may be ineffective to reset appropriately when you change a cartridge. This for the most part happens when you recharge a cartridge, instead of subbing the unfilled cartridge with another cartridge. In the event that your printer misses to reset when a cartridge is introduced, you can reset it without any problem.
  • Canon issues related to the printer device like arbitrary specialized glitches, ink cartridge substitutions, or paper jam can meddle with specific print work and doesn’t permit you to take a printout. This places one occupation in the handling stage and lines up the wide range of various undertakings in the line and doesn’t permit the lined print responsibilities to get finished. Eliminating the thing from the lined positions will work a similar path as the reset works. 
  • Select the alternative of Devices and Printers on your PC network. For that, you need to initially dispatch the Start menu. Pick the alternative of Canon and afterward select the choice of “See what’s printing”. At the point when the line shows on the screen, select the thing which is in preparing for featuring the print work and afterward pick the choice of Cancel. 
  • On the off chance that you are a Mac client. You need to go to dispatch the menu of System Preferences. And afterward click on the alternative of Canon Pixma printer. Pick the choice of Open Print Queue and feature the specific print work that is prompting issues. Pick the choice of Jobs that is given in the fundamental toolbar and afterward select Delete Job.

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