How to mix antique and modern home designs

A living room that's been styled by mixing antique and modern home designs.

Not all people are naturally gifted with intuition when it comes to home decor and design. Luckily, there are many sources which we can use to educate ourselves and become more knowledgeable on the subject. Nonetheless, what happens when we try to stray from the rules and clear boundaries that interior design has set for us? This can result in both excellent as well as unsuccessful outcomes. It all depends on how well we understand ground principles and how precise our goals are. To mix antique and modern home designs, you don’t need to be an expert. You do, however, need to have some aces up your sleeve. 

Think coherent, not repetitive

The fact that you’re looking to merge designs shows that you like unconventional styling approaches. However, mixing too many different style components can result in a disjointed look rather than a coherent one. In addition, here lies another possible trap. To avoid having their home turn out chaotic, people sometimes gravitate toward repetition. Repeating and reusing similar items will only make your home look dull. Instead, use a popular color scheme, recurring pattern, or texture to tie the various pieces together. Antique and modern pieces can, in theory, share at least one common characteristic.

Using materials to tie pieces together

When it comes to mixing antique and modern designs, making logistical connections through the use of materials is the best way to go. Vintage textiles will give your living room a feeling of timeless comfort. However, a velvet sofa or a suzani rug can seem a bit too vintage. Nevertheless, you can make up for this by adding a splash of color that’s a bit more typical for modern styles. To balance out brightly upholstered furniture, use earth-toned fabrics.

Colors are where it’s at

Many people who are only beginning to research home design are afraid of using color. Even though you shouldn’t overdo it, you’ll merge both designs far more easily if you allow yourself to explore this world. Contrasts are essential when mixing both the furniture types, so don’t be afraid to use bright colors. Although it’s always best to stick to a color scheme, you can select two bright colors that compete for attention, such as jungle green and slate blue. Choose a single dominant hue to build on with different tones instead.

Transform antique furniture

When it comes to mixing old and new home designs, you don’t necessarily need to take individual pieces from each group and make them coexist. You can also transform previously antique furniture into a modern style and have both sides of the coin be shown. Of course, first, you’ll need to clean and polish your antique furniture to the best of your abilities. If transforming furniture isn’t your forte, you can always hire professionals to help.

Mix designs subtly

The ratio while mixing these 2 designs doesn’t always have to be 50-50. It can simply mean taking a piece that belongs to one of these styles and making it fit into a space completely dominated by another style. Focusing on an otherwise entirely contemporary environment is a good starting point for combining antique and modern furniture. Adding an antique cabinet to a sleek, streamlined kitchen will add personality and storage all at once. It will not detract from the overall modernity of the interior scheme but rather create a harmonious balance.

Luxury brands aren’t always the best option

Don’t get tricked into thinking that luxury equals quality. As you know, luxury brands can be very pricey. This would be fine if they could guarantee longevity. Unfortunately, these brands often turn out to be just as inconsistent with quality as all others. Make sure to keep your eyes wide open while choosing your furniture. It’s the only way your effort when mixing the antique and modern home designs will pay off. 

Lighting is your friend no matter the style

The use of lighting fixtures is one of the best ways to mix old and modern home designs. Consider the exciting possibilities offered by salvaged pendant lighting or an ornate Art Nouveau Tiffany glass chandelier in an otherwise contemporary room if you’re unsure how to make this combination work in your favor. Mixing these designs can sometimes seem messy. However, connecting these styles using light should make things easier, especially if you’re a newbie. 

Keep it minimal

Minimalism, although not too present in antique home design, characterizes most modern interiors. Applying some of the main philosophies that minimalism preaches will make the pieces you choose to display shine and come to life. If you clutter up your home, it may result in a messy and mixed final product.

Declutter your house before getting into home design

Before actually beginning you need to start with a clean slate. Be sure to declutter your house to the best of your abilities. One of the best ways to deal with items that you don’t want in your house but want to keep around is by renting long-term storage. There are various benefits of having a unit to use for a longer period of time. However, make sure to find a storage unit that suits your needs, and that’ll protect your belongings from any possible mishap.

Hire experts to help you with decision making

If you’re not too sure about how to approach mixing designs, that’s understandable. If you’re someone who’s never really been interested in interior design but would like to have a stylishly decorated home, hiring experts to help you decide might be the right move for you. You can take some time to have a couple of meetings with your designers to make sure that they really understand what you’re going for.

Your home should reflect you

Once you’ve decided which approach, you’ll take to mix antique and modern designs, be true to your taste. While there are rules of size, balance, and proportion to follow when decorating, you should never use things you don’t like just to follow the rules. Your home must appeal to you, and if you genuinely adore an item, you’ll find a place for it in your home.

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