How To Manage Online Customer Reviews Of A Brand? Follow The 5 Tips

How To Manage Online Customer Reviews Of A Brand? Follow The 5 Tips

Have you asked your customers to leave a review on your site or social media page once they finish purchasing a product or hiring your service?

If not yet, do this with top priority. In order to secure your brand position online and to maintain a good impression on the targeted audience, gathering customer reviews online, and managing them professionally is very important.

When you reach out to a reputation management agency, you will find the experts are more concerned about your online reviews.

There is no brainer in managing online reviews added by your customers. Just you need to follow the tips mentioned below.

5 Tips to manage online customer reviews of a brand

1. Create a business page on review generating sites:

If you browse Google, you will find several pages use public data to create a business page on their site. Sites like Yelp, Zomato, Google Reviews, are well-known for generating customer reviews for a brand.

Some sites do this only when your brand is reviewed while some prefer to perform the job automatically providing search listings for the users.

Is your page already created? If yes, don’t forget to claim your business page for free. Once you claim your page, you get access to all the content loaded in the page. However, if your page is yet to create, make sure you visit the site and create the page immediately.

Creating and claiming the business page improves the search engine rankings of the site making it more visible on the listings. The best thing is, sometimes claiming to allow the users to track and analyze the reviews and communicate with the customers through them. Don’t miss out on this leverage!

2. Use advanced tools to monitor reviews:

Monitoring reviews may seem to be an easy and simple task, it is indeed a tiring job that needs professional hands for better results. Therefore, performing the job manually is not a good idea.

Look for advanced review monitoring tools online. Some popular tools are like Google Alerts, Reputology, Brands24, Mentions, and much more. Using these tools, you can easily keep an eye on your online reviews, brand mentions, social activities, competitors’ insights, and so on.

Instead of performing the job manually, try to use tools to reduce efforts and save time. The best thing about these tools is – if you view the dashboard you will find all your customer reviews from different sites are accumulated at one stop. You can easily monitor them and respond to them instantly.

3. Respond to positive and negative reviews:

Customer reviews are not just to cherish. Instead, to relive the cherishing moment, you have to connect with your customers through reviews.

Often marketers make a late response to the reviews generated on different sites. Some even ignore responding to the comments made. This is not how you should manage your customer reviews.

Such a behavior is not at all tolerated when you are serious about building a brand reputation online. Use online tools to respond to positive and negative reviews. Make sure your response contains empathy and thanking note.

The better is your response the more you can attract your potential customers and hold back your existing customers.

4. Handle negative reviews with care:

Brands can generate negative reviews. There is no surprising thing in it. Customers having a bad experience will certainly leave a negative review or feedback.
 Your responsibility is to take care of these reviews and reply to them with an apologizing attitude. Try to fix the issue immediately or give a substitute plan so that the customer finds your brand trustworthy for the next purchase.

Suppose you are generating multiple negative reviews, make sure you push them back or eliminate them with the help of the online review monitoring tools. Yes, you have the right to do so. But we will suggest to respond to the reviews and act professionally.

5. Don’t dare to post fake reviews:

Do you prefer posting fake reviews? Don’t do this. This is completely unethical. And if you breach the rules, you might be penalized for your action. So, business owners, stop creating fake reviews and ensure all the reviews generated are from your genuine customers.

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Take Away

Are you worried about your brand impression and brand presence online? Stop wasting your time on other programs and try to encourage your customers for leaving reviews. Encouraging the customers to share positive reviews helps a brand to generate strong support from the customer-end. Their experiences really matter a lot.

Customer reviews help the brand to get an insight into customer behavior. You can get to know about their interests, their demands, and their expectations, all from a single review.

Manage all your customer online reviews and improve your business process.

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