How to login and configure any router settings?

How to login router? written on its image

How to Login any Router?

Assume your Amrisc router IP address is, and you want to configure its settings using the control panel.

Follow simple steps to log in and access your control panel using as your IP. It is the default gateway that we use to connect with the whole digital world using your web browser.

Enter the IP Address into URL of the browser

  • First, you need to enter your IP into your device browser address bar (URL). If its is correct, you will direct toward a login window. And if not, you will get a 404 error or an empty page.
  • To know your address enter “ipconfig” command in the command prompt window if you are a window user. You will get the IP at the end of the list.
login and configure any router settings

For MAC users

If you are a MAC user, then use netstat command in the utility window to get your address. You can also check it in the system preferences.

For Mobile user

If you are a mobile user, then check your Amrisc router’s connected Wi-Fi device advance properties.

Enter Credentials:

After successfully entering your IP, you will need to enter your credentials (username and password of Amrisc router). Enter your credentials into the login window. If you enter the right credentials, you will direct toward the control panel. But if you enter the wrong credentials you will get an error.

sign in

In this case, open your Amrisc router documentation and get your credentials from there. You can also get your credentials (username and password) from google. But in case you have changed and you forgot them then you will need to reset it to its default factory settings. To do this will need to press and hold your Amrisc router’s small button for 20-30 seconds then, it will reboot. After successfully reboot you can enter your default credentials.

Configure your Router Settings

The next step is to configure your settings as you want. You can block a specific type of your users, some specific sites to not open in your network, and much more.

Recommended: Always first note down your settings before changing them. Because sometimes after changing settings you stuck. In this case, you will need to reset it to its default factory settings.

So, to secure it always change credentials to the new one. Also, change your default gateway, i.e. to something new. So that no one can try to change your settings. If someone does this, then you will have to reset to its default factory settings. And in this case, you will lose all of your previous settings.


If you are stuck and not getting any solution yours. Then get help from its manufacturers. You can also put your issue on google to get help from experts.

Common Queries

Can I change my IP Address?

Yes, you can change by using your network control panel. We always recommend changing it. Because for example, you have more than 200 employees in your company using your Amrisc. All of them know that your default IP is Any one of them can illegally access your control panel. In this case, he/she can do what he/she wants in your configuration area. To avoid this scenario always change it to secure your network from hackers and illegal persons.

Difference Between Public and Private IP Address?

Every router gets a public IP address to communicate with the whole digital world. It is the job of the router to assign a private address to each of its connected devices. It gets the message from every device connected to it and passes it to the appropriate receiver. Also, it receives a message from the internet and passes it to the appropriate connected device.

What is the Default Gateway?

Default Gateway is the internal IP address of your Amrisc network. All the devices that are connected to it use this to communicate with the whole world. And it is its responsibility to send the messages to the appropriate places.

What is a proxy?

A proxy is used to hide your router’s identity from the world. Someone else sends your router message to the correct place, also someone else gives it the appropriate message. It requests to proxy and proxy will request to site. Also, proxy will get data from the site and provide it back to it. In the way your it remains hidden from the other world. In the market, there are many proxy providers i.e. Browsec. In all communication, your proxy will know all the information about your network.

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