How to create an online Presence of a business in a reasonable price?

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The World Wide Web is considered the most efficient place to get any information in this modern time. No wonder most companies, small or large, are taking this advantage. Millions of users from around the planet are on the net every second. Ecommerce stores which can do transactions online or a mere website to promote business are very important these days to stay in the business competition. If your business or Company still don’t have an online presence, then you should start creating it now. Putting your business online can be affordable. 

Tips to Create a Professional Online Presence of your Business

The following are some tips on getting your web presence for your business or company.

Registering a domain

The first thing to do when dreaming to have a website is by having and registering your own domain. Your domain will be the name and identity of your site. This is the name that will be typed by internet users in the internet explorer to access your site. An example of a domain is 

Your domain should be related to your business of course and it must be also short and easy to remember. So, that your customers and loyal visitors won’t find it hard to access your site on the net. The average cost of registering a domain in accredited registrars (like Godaddy, Namecheap and doctorhost) is 10US dollars per year. This step requires a lot of brainstorming since most of the available domain names are already taken. 

If you have extra budget you can find and buy domains that are listed for sale in domain markets like Sedo and Moniker. The most valuable domains are the dot coms, dot net secondly and dot org thirdly. For this reason if its possible for you to grab a dot com domain, then grab it. 

Finding your web hosting provider

After registering that precious domain of yours, your next step is to have a web host. You can either have a web host from a third party or have it web hosted by acquiring your own server. However for small businesses, I recommend having your web host provided by a third party, since this is more cost saving and most web hosting providers offer reliable technical support. web hosting companies offer varieties of web hosting packages suitable for the size of your website. 

You can choose one that best fits the size of your website. Web Host packages are classified into small to large disk space and bandwidths. Disk space is the size of your storage capacity measured in megabytes or gigabytes, while bandwidth is the measurement of the data transfers or numbers of visitors your website can handle. 

A typical web host package that can accommodate 8,000 megabytes of disk storage and a monthly bandwidth of 120 gigabytes will cost you an average of $10 monthly.

Designing and writing the content

The look of your site is what is for your visitors’ eyes while the contents of your site are what’s for your visitors’ hearts and minds. I don’t say you have to choose between prioritizing your content or design, however I am saying that you must combine a great design and a great content to capture your customers’ eyes, hearts and minds. 

Though, content is king and should give it more constant attention rather than your sites’ design. You can download a free content management system (like WordPress or Drupal) and free template design for your website or hire a website designer that will cost depending on the size of your site. A custom website design will cost you hundreds to thousands of bucks depending on your site’s number of pages. 

As I said earlier, you can use a free content management system which is an effective and efficient system to manage your business website. You don’t need to become a programmer to install this CMS. You could ask your IT support company or your web hosting company for help with installation of this system.

Search Engine Optimization

Now you have a good design website oozing with rich contents. However it seems no one visits your website. This is the time for optimizing your company or business presence online. A search engine optimized website will show up in the first page of Google search results page when typing related search keywords. 

This is done by selecting the right keywords and tags for your website. There are also other effective ways of increasing your site’s popularity to increase traffic and visitors. Article linking and link directory submission are examples of these. However a large number of visitors which SEO will provide you might turn out to be a one time visitor. 

To avoid this, you must create interesting and useful site contents that will make your visitors loyal and regular visitors. 


Making your site secured from hackers and domain attackers are things that should be prioritized consistently. All your cost and effort may be lost, if your site will be destroyed and defaced by annoying hackers. 

To prevent data loss, it is very important that you create a backup of your website regularly. Another tip is creating a secured administrative username and password which you must not tell to anyone in personal and online. You should also make sure that your web hosting provider provides a secured server which is not vulnerable to site hacking and domain defacement. 

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