How to Create an Android App Without Coding

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How to Create an Android App Without Coding

If you have ever been part of mobile application development, you might be familiar with the difficulty of writing codes. It is the most challenging yet essential task to build apps for smartphones.

Difficulties in Coding

Coding requires time, patience, and a lot of hard work. It’s not a walk in the park.

Sometimes coders spend hours fixing an error. And there are a lot of blunders that require your constant attention, with a great deal of practice to resolve them too.

Considering that we work within the tech and development sector, everything is supposed to change swiftly. Each year comes a new framework, tool, library, and many other things. And, accordingly, previously known information becomes outdated.

Also, it is considered one of the challenging and most problematic professions. But should you stop coding because of that? And entirely give it up for being hard? Never!

Alternatives of Coding

Being hard makes this profession even more rewarding and significant. And your hands-on experience improves over time. Though the process is lengthy and time-consuming, there are always alternatives. That can help make the whole process of easy and achievable. 

The alternative approaches for mobile application development are becoming more feasible with coding-free tools and other tools with the least coding. These are befitting for non-programmers but are suitable for experienced programmers too.

But for now, we are here to discuss the tools to create mobile application without coding. So, let us move further and discuss the two most utilized approaches and various tools.


Utilizing App Builders to create Android apps online

The most basic functionality of the app builders requires no coding at all.  App builders make mobile application development services cost-effective and less time-consuming as the coding factor is not present. Compared to a development team taking few weeks, these app builders create apps without coding in just a few hours. 

They come with a ready-made architecture for automatic element placement, fast-forwarding the entire process.


It is a free tool to enable web publishers and developers to make an android mobile apps without coding.

The AppsGeyser builder has only two steps to create an android app without coding, and This tool can make most apps within five minutes. It also offers Distribution and monetization options in the platform.

React App Builder

A premium tool based on a cross-platform framework helps you make mobile apps without coding for both iOS and Android. A very intuitive interface and 11 beautiful templates make this tool the most effective and worthwhile.

Its availability on a cloud-hosted service helps you save time from installing, optimizing, and regularly rebuilding the tool.

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IMABuildeRz v3 is a personally developed web-tool to produce Ionic Framework v4/Latest self-generated code for apps; you can build a no-limit app and a smooth backend.

So, it generates a source code that can be edited repeatedly, such as HTML, PHP, SCSS, Typescript, and MySQL.

Changing Websites into Apps

If you are an owner of a website and want to turn these into a live Android app, there are tools available to create an app without coding using WebView or the WordPress API.


It converts your websites and web apps into mobile applications for iOS. Comes with built-in app templates to support several web apps/websites (including HTML, WordPress, PHP, HTML 5 Games, WiX, Progressive Web Apps, Jimdo, bubble,, Webflow, and many more)

It turns websites and web apps into high-performing and highly active mobile applications. Also provides in-app purchases, deep links, push notifications, AdMob ads, and other support for all the apps created through it.

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Developed on Kotlin, it remains a Configurable Android as well as an iOS web illustration template. Suppose you have an excellent responsive website. It’s then the right time to build your Android web app and expand your services.

So, rocketWeb offers you easy app development within 15 minutes, even with no experience. RocketWeb has firebase,  AdMob, one signal, custom theme, color set, design customization, etc.

Android App Builder

It enables you to create beautifully and professionally performing Google Play Store apps without the need to code. Tailor-made for Android OS, this tool provides convenient, trouble-free, and no-code development.

With this tool, you can step by step design while having no programming skill or prior development knowledge.

Universal Android WebView

It is a native Android application for displaying content that uses a web view element. It helps in turning your active website into a stellar mobile app that performs well on various devices.

So, its a swift, simple, and affordable. WebView also possesses several beneficial built-in features and services.

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So, these are the standard tools of programming without any programming skills I have seen so far. There are also others, but we might cover them in another article later.

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