How to Crack NEET Successfully: 8 Tips to Follow

How to Crack NEET Successfully: 8 Tips to Follow

In the olden and golden days, college studies and any NEET coaching Centers were just enough to successfully crack the NEET examination. Now, times have changed, with the cutthroat competition of over 15 lakh students appearing for the examination, self-study has become a necessity.

Around 60-70% of aspirants crack the NEET examination successfully. In some cases, students can secure a seat in the top government colleges while others after cracking the NEET in the first attempt, unfortunately, do not score the necessary marks to secure admission to top colleges of our country.

Which category would you prefer to belong to? Since you are reading this article in advance, it will be more beneficial to you for cracking the NEET exam with the best score possible.

What are your thoughts about successfully cracking the NEET examination? According to your opinion, what steps should be taken to prepare for the NEET? Are you joining a traditional NEET Coaching institute or an online learning platform? Learning on your own or under supervision?

Or, does NEET require lots of determination, sacrifices, consistency, motivation, hard work, or smart work? Nearly every NEET aspirant has to deal with this dilemma.

Even if you devote yourself faithfully for a couple of months for the preparation of the NEET exam, then you will surely ensure success, but in the end, your efforts will only deliver success.

8 Must-Follow Study Tips to Crack NEET Successfully

  1. Prepare a list of Topics.
  2. Strengthen The Basics.
  3. High-Quality Learning Material.
  4. Realistic Timetable.
  5. Resolving Doubts Regularly.
  6. Frequent Mock Tests.
  7. Systematic Revision.
  8. Don’t Loose Hopes.

Prepare a List of Topics:

It’s different to work hard and work smart, isn’t it? Prepare a list of topics according to their weights so that you can work smartly. Begin your preparations with the topics having the highest weightage, or which have been frequently asked.  

All your efforts are worth it, don’t waste them on preparing rarely asked topics. Instead, focus all your attention on highly demanding ones. Additionally, you can start by studying easy topics carrying high weightage.

Strengthen The Basics:

If you want to crack the NEET examination with minimal effort then you must reflect your attention towards strengthening your basics. Basics bring awareness about the subject and build self-advancement.

The NCERTs provide the best resources to strengthen basic concepts. The key to crack the NEET examination successfully is to go through NCERT thoroughly many times.

Prepare NCERT line by line at least five or six times before the exam. Each and every formula, diagram, labeling, and even exercises given at the back of each chapter are important.

Especially for Biology, NCERT is enough to get good marks. If you are considering subjects such as Physics and Chemistry, NCERTs are a good way to strengthen your basics; however, if you wish to score high, you might need to refer to other books as well.

High-Quality Learning Material:

High-quality learning materials provide research-based information that engages students deeply and meaningfully. While picking up the right study material for NEET can be a little confusing at times, with the help of your tutor or NEET coaching institute professor, you can select the one that is best suited for you.

Also, browse through the interviews of toppers who have cleared the NEET examination successfully, and try to gain an understanding of how they prepared along with their methodologies and techniques.

It is recommended that students go through NCERTs first, but these books only help strengthen the basics for NEET; however, after completing NCERTs, candidates can explore other learning materials for added knowledge.

Realistic Timetable:

Believe it or not, an ethical schedule will help you achieve everything you need. To crack the NEET examination successfully, you need to put in every inch of your effort every day.

You are aware that the NEET syllabus is complex and extensive; you cannot cover it in just one or two days. Setting daily, weekly, and monthly targets are therefore essential, and can only be achieved by following a realistic timetable.

However, at this point, candidates must not overwork themselves. A hectic schedule always fails to produce effective results. An effective timetable aims to work on the full potential that yields productivity.

Regular exercise or meditation in the morning, a healthy breakfast, staying hydrated, taking time for relaxation, enough sleep, frequent breaks while studying, and an environment favorable is a part of a powerful routine.

Resolving Doubts Regularly:

Unresolved doubts handicap the aspirants to crack the NEET with an astonishing score. If you have a doubt, clear it, and learn from it, so that it never comes back to haunt you.

A lack of clarity leads to confusion, which acts as a barrier to NEET. If you need help, ask your close friends, online learning platforms, or your teachers at the NEET coaching center. 

Clearing doubts is effective in reducing students’ pre-exam stress and anxiety, thereby improving student self-confidence.

Frequent Mock Tests:

Mock tests are necessary to test your overall performance.  They are similar to the actual NEET exam. Mock helps to get familiarized with the type of questions asked and the difficulty level.

Mock tests increase accuracy, problem-solving ability, time management, and precision which gradually increases confidence to crack the NEET successfully.

In addition to Mock exams, solve at least 10 previous year question papers and sample papers. 

Systematic Revision:

Fix a daily revision slot of at least half-hour in your schedule. Revision isn’t just proofreading, it involves recalling information in a useful way. A systematic revision requires conscious attention to each word you utter and every row you read.

Revising is the key to retaining NEET concepts during the actual exam without confusion.

Don’t Lose Hopes:

Despite having odds in favor, hope gives the courage to continue the struggle and to believe that things will get better with time. On the path to the NEET exam, there will undoubtedly be ups and downs. Your scores may make you happy sometimes, or they may make you feel like giving up. Remember to keep moving forward regardless of your scores.

Take short breaks during studies, pursue your hobby, listen to music, go for a walk or indulge yourself in meditation if you get frustrated or demotivated.

In the long run, carrying a positive approach is what really matters. A negative approach will only add burdensomely. All that matters is the right mindset that builds the belief system. Wishing you good luck!

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