How to Clean and Polish Antique and vintage Furniture

How to Clean and Polish Antique and vintage Furniture

There is a high probability of dust and dirt on antique furniture because of years of exposure to a dusty environment. It has been observed that people keep antique furniture for years even if it is not in use. They do not sell it because it is considered as highly valuable and priceless. There is no match for antique things. Worldwide antique materials are given so much significance and people having love for antique stuff buy them for such high prices. While keeping antique furniture in your home, it is important to regularly clean and polish them. Here we shall discuss a few tips that will help you to clean the antique and vintage furniture.

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Tips to Clean and Polish Antique and Vintage Furniture


It is recommended to not use any strong chemicals, try to use a cleaner that is mild in its impact. You have to clean it very carefully so that it does not get damaged.

Try dish Soap:

There is an idea of using dish soap for cleaning antique. You can add some water to the dish soap to make it lighter and apply on the furniture. Choose the dish soap carefully as there are many dish soaps in the market that are acidic in nature and are reactive. So use the dish soap that you can apply with hands or that you usually use with hands while washing the dishes.

Oily Products:

There is a possibility that dish soap does not give you the desired results. In such cases, use the oily products for cleaning. Keep in mind to use a little amount of oil otherwise it can damage the old furniture.

Try Paste wax:

If you are reluctant to apply the oil on furniture, another option you can go for is to apply the paste wax. You can get it from any nearby shop in the market and its application gives better results than oil.

Soft cloth:

It is recommended to use the soft rug with which you will clean the furniture. Put a little amount of cleaner on the rug initially and apply it gently on the surface of the furniture. Keep using the same rug until it gets some dirt. Do not apply the rug in a hard way as it can damage the texture of furniture. Also apply the rag in the direction of the lining of furniture. Do not use it oppositely.

Steel wool:

There are some spaces on the furniture that are hard to remove. They got stuck in the furniture. It is recommended to use steel wool in order to remove such stains. Same instructions are for steel wool as are for the rug. Use it gently and take care that the finish does not get damaged. Make sure to use steel wool until stains gets removed. There must not be any stuck stain left on furniture after using steel wool.


It is a common strategy to use the toothbrush for various reasons at home. Toothbrush is used for cleaning the spaces that are hard to reach otherwise. You can use a toothbrush for removing the dirt from furniture. Mostly there are corners and curves in the furniture that cannot be cleaned with any other tool. It is recommended to gently dip the toothbrush in a cleaning solution that you have made and apply on the spaces. Make sure to clean all the dirt and grim.

Wiping of furniture:

Once you have applied all the above mentioned steps, it is time to wipe down the furniture. Take a dry cloth and rub it gently. Dry cloth is used to remove the liquid from the furniture and allow it to get dry. You can check the dryness of furniture by touching it. You can place it in air in order to get it dried. After allowing the air to get the furniture dry, continue your cleaning process with the dry cloth.

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Polish is applied in order to give it a neat finish. After drying your furniture, it is time to get it polished. It will give an entirely new look. Also it will glow the furniture. Polishing is a simple process that does not involve any science. You only need to use a cloth that is clean enough and polish the furniture with that cloth. It is recommended to keep polishing until it gets a shine. There are many polishes that are designed for antique furniture. You can use any polish based on your choice.


Once the furniture is polished, you need to maintain it. While cleaning your home, do clean the furniture as well by using a dry cloth. Also you can consult the maintenance companies. There is a maintenance company in Dubai that is doing the best work in its field.

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