How to Choose the Best Cab Dispatch Software?

How to Choose the Best Cab Dispatch Software?

At present times, more people invest in houses rather than cars and vehicles. The one reason being the very viable and reliable option of online cabs. This easy availability and high demands have often questioned how to choose the best cab dispatch software out there in the market?

For improving customer satisfaction, the best is what is to be provided with a variety of designs and the inclusiveness of various features, there are a couple of options out there when it comes to cab dispatch systems. So how can we choose which one is the best? 

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Best Taxi Dispatch Software Features

1. For passengers

Major requirements of this category of people are usually to see the available taxis, the surge in the pricing, fare calculator, GPS tracker, customer service, communication portal with the drivers, transparency regarding the driver, the vehicles, and navigation tools added.

Customers usually want a secured and smooth ride to their location without any possible mishaps and unnecessary negotiations.

The option of multiple payment methods is also a huge welcome along with the option to book a cab now or later. The fact that the cab will be available at ungodly timings is another lookout for the customers.

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2. Drivers

This group usually prefers ways of communicating with the passengers, being able to accept or cancel rides with explanations is also important.

The ability to use the navigation tools and help people reach their destination is another feature that drivers look up to in-cab dispatching software. The ease in the transaction is also taken into consideration as an essential feature in the software. 

3. Waiting time

This gives an approximate time of waiting for the arrival of the driver. So this will save you some time and you need to reach your pick-up point only at the right time when the driver arrives.

4. Fare calculator

This helps the passenger by estimating the amount for the entire trip so that you could be prepared to pay. There is also not a need for negotiation once the fare is fixed.

5. Variety of payment options

The app provides a myriad of payment options so that the passenger may pay through any payment gateways like credit, debit, liquid cash, or e-wallets that are now most commonly used. 

6. Logs of rides

This helps the passenger in getting a very intricate log of rides they have done in the past along with the fare they paid.

7. Ride later option

This feature helps the passenger in scheduling their trips beforehand which is such a smart way if the travel is inconvenient.

8. Booking rides for others

The app could have a feature wherein you can book a ride for someone else with your smartphone and pay the fare. This can be an essential feature in the best cab dispatch software.

9. Adding favorite destinations

This could be a very definite feature wherein you can save some destinations as your favorite or even term it some name which then can be just clicked as the destination of yours instead of typing out the entire address line.

10. Charges being split

This can be extremely effective when you are traveling with your friends. Instead of one person paying the entire amount, it would be great if the cab dispatch software had something or some feature to accomplish this.

11. Have a panic button

Traveling in a cab can sometimes accompany some risks on its own. To tackle them it would be great if the software had something like a panic button that can be pushed for emergencies.

12. Driver-friendly

These are not just customer-friendly but also driver-friendly. It does help in letting the drivers accept or cancel a ride, mentioning reasons for cancellation gives them a set of notifications and alerts all through the journey.

13. Round the clock service 

Traditional taxi service is usually not available at late timings. At such odd times, it is the Online cab booking systems that could come to your rescue. They are available at ungodly times and help you get to your location at the stipulated times. This is one of the significant reasons why people choose online cabs nowadays.

14. Customer Service

The option of talking about their service in the application itself is indeed liberating. The customer can very easily make a comment on the service they are given on the app itself which sure is powerful. When you have prompt customer service solving the problems of the consumers as soon as possible you are setting the impression that you do care about them. That adds to a more positive customer experience.

15. Specifically curated data

Since there is an account that you sign into the online cab services, it keeps a log of your previously dropped-off locations, making it easier for you to choose the next time you go, so that the added trouble of writing out an entire address line is no longer there.

16. GPS and Geo fencing

The navigation systems integrated with the online cab booking apps serve as an essential security feature. It helps in keeping your journey strictly adhered to your location.

17. Giving Feedback

It is no joke that all business enterprises heavily depend o the feedback given to them. They take it to make amends and to get customer satisfaction better.

Every time you ride home with an online booked cab, there is a rating you need to give the driver. The reason why you give him, it will, in turn, help them and also the company to know what is working and what needs changes and amendments.

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Since they’re a couple of options when it comes to cab dispatch software, it is totally up to the customers which one they want to choose.

All the factors we discussed above play an important role in determining the best Taxi software. You can visit this site for the best taxi cab dispatch system.

When each of the above factors is included and taken care of, a customer. And user-friendly interface is established which will help boost the dispatch software. It will be beneficial to the passengers, drivers, and the admin panel.

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