How To Build A Branded Search Strategy And Why You Should Do It?

How To Build A Branded Search Strategy And Why You Should Do It?

Do you know that branded search strategy can maximize your conversion ratio? Using branded keywords in your digital marketing efforts can leverage your sales to the next level. For this, it is essential to think about aligning your branded search procedure.

Well, you may be thinking, what is brand search exactly? When customers come to your website, after putting your brand-related keywords in the search engine. It can be your brand name, branded products on your website, or other branded specific long tail and short tail keywords. 

We’ll cover building a branded search strategy and its necessity in the following sections.

How to develop a branded search strategy?

Branded search generally rules the market-oriented areas. These are referrals, invitations, PPC marketings, partnerships. But, it yields the best results when combined with SEO strategy. So, branded search strategies must include both paid search and organic listings. 

1. Organic search

Marketers know that organic search means driving optimization techniques. Usually, non-branded keywords cover the domain of organic search. But, organic search work wonders for branded keywords as well. How? You can optimize for branded keywords while creating

  • Landing pages
  • About us
  • Home page
  • Branded products pages

Instruction pages, “how-to” videos, product guidelines are the best resources for publicizing after-sales manuals and content. Also, you can access SEO company in India to boost your organic branded search strategy. 

Why is branded organic search required?

Do you what happens when you start featuring in genuine results? Your reliance on paid search decreases considerably. Also, organic search enables you to increase brand reach in the market and to spread brand awareness. 

2. Paid Search 

Paid Search is an effective method for bearing early fruits. The best part is you need not spend much on PPC ads on Google, Bing, and other search engines. The reason is, there are fewer competitors for your branded keywords. 

Here the point that counts is the Quality score. What does it imply? Search engines see how many customers are clicking on your ads. More the number of clicks, the ad is relevant for the users. Further, your CPC even reduces with the increase in the Quality score. 

Furthermore, if you’re a new brand name, then the possibilities are people don’t recognize your branded keywords. Then it’s better to go back to the pavilion and start with non-branded keywords first.

Why are paid searches necessary?

If you’re getting more customers by placing branded keywords, how it matters? You’re becoming an established branded name in your niche. You can pitch in more and get a significant chunk of clients in your segment. 

How to leverage your branded keyword strategy?

Branded keywords are the trump cards that can fetch you a 100% conversion ratio. But, its placement and using it in the right way can give you satisfactory results. These are the steps:

1. Audit your branded keywords

An audit can give real-time insights into how your brand mentions will perform. Accordingly, you can invest in high-performing words. 

In the beginning, it will give you good results. You can allocate more resources towards these keywords first. And divide resources on other branded names as well. It will improve their rankings as well. 

Audit for branded searches on tools like Google search console, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc.

  • Check individual keywords efficiency. 
  • You can monitor how branded mentions are working area-wise.
  • Some brand names have more prominence and trend in a specific geographical region. 
  • See, an audit is working in your favor. If not, then decrease resource allocation for those branded searches. 
  • Online reputation management is crucial to maintain a positive brand image.

2. Diversify your efforts

Online marketers can diversify their efforts in different digital marketing channels. Reliance on one method is not a wise strategy. Even if one door closes due to “XYZ” reason, another entry will keep bringing traffic to your website. 

Keyword Research builds a strong content marketing strategy. Keyword research will tell you branded product mentions trending in the market. Create compelling product demos and descriptions with these keywords. 

Social media is one of the hottest areas to devise your branded search strategy. You never know how much indirect traffic you can get with proper social media marketing. One of the sustainable ways to be on at least popular social media channels like:

  • TikTok

Grab the opportunity to use your brand mentions in stories, videos, blogs, articles, and advertisements. Hashtags will attract relevant traffic to your posts.


In brief, branded searches are an effective way to give a new angle to revenue generation. You can take advantage of both organic and paid searches. Further, auditing for brand mentions will tell you their loopholes and strengths. And you can use social media, local SEO, PPC marketing to reinforce brand names performance.  

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