How the Pandemic Impacted Makeup Wearing Habits?

Checkout the latest trends and Impact of Pandemic on Makeup Wearing Habits

How the Pandemic Impacted Makeup Wearing Habits?

As we all know, the coronavirus pandemic has forced many changes on the majority of businesses. The cosmetic industry was particularly affected, considering that beauty salons and medical aesthetic clinics were required to cease activity for long periods.

Moreover, since most people are practicing self-quarantine and social isolation, there is little need to purchase and use makeup. The wearing of face masks and shields is also largely mandated. Hence, even individuals who used to wear cosmetics daily refrained from using makeup.

While it’s very clear that the global health crisis did hurt the beauty industry. It still gave rise to many interesting trends. In this article, we’ll explore these trends as well as the evident changes in the makeup habits of today’s consumers.

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Impact of Pandemic on Makeup Wearing Habits

Skin Care

While going makeup-free was bad news for many, a lot of people are also taking advantage of the situation by focusing instead on skincare maintenance. In fact, a consumer report shows that more women in the United States are now using facial skincare products compared to last year.

On the other hand, a study states that the average monthly spending on makeup products in the US has decreased by about 5% to 10% since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Glow Up Transformations

The limited face-to-face interactions prompted people to turn primarily to social media. And as mentioned above, consumers are now taking the time to work on improving their skin. Combine the two, and you get the virality of glow-up transformation posts.

Individuals love to share how their appearance has improved or how they “glowed up” from the beginning of their self-quarantine to the present day. This typically includes sharing before and after photos, along with their personal beauty tips and suggestions.

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Beauty Tutorials and Makeup Guides

With the heightened popularity of video platforms like TikTok and YouTube, many are getting on the bandwagon of replicating different makeup looks. Viewers can request content creators to recreate popular looks and share tutorials online.

This trend is widely encompassing and may include movie characters, K-pop idols, and iconic celebrities. Some are even more unusual, such as creating looks inspired by emojis, cartoons, or anime.

Eyes That Talk

With masks covering the majority of the face and lipsticks quickly losing favor, many are going for eccentric eye makeup trends. These include dramatic color palettes, smokey eye makeup, floating eyeliners, statement brows, and spider lashes.

A lot of people are also experimenting with highlighters and contouring to give their eye area a more lifted appearance, popularly called the “fox eye” look.

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Zoom-friendly Makeup

The goal nowadays is to look healthy and glowing with barely-there makeup. Also, since the majority of professionals are working remotely, they focus more on makeup and less on clothing.

Many are opting for a simple, fresh appearance when doing their makeup for virtual meetings. The key is to look presentable without seeming like they tried. Employees also want to appear like they are fully rested and getting a lot of sleep despite their unconventional work schedules.

DIY Beauty Treatments

With little to no access to beauty specialists and medical aestheticians, it’s no wonder that at-home treatments have soared. Moreover, many are getting restless from being stuck at home, so they try different skin treatments to fight their boredom.

In addition, people are dealing with issues like ‘maskne’ breakouts and skin aging. Maskne refers to acne caused by wearing face masks for long hours. As for the latter, it’s reported that the lack of sleep and constant exposure to radiation from personal electronics are causing the skin to age prematurely. This being said, many are turning to DIY spa treatments and aesthetic procedures to treat their skin troubles.

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Minimalist Skin Care

Amid the pandemic, the “skinimalism” trend has grown popular. Pinterest reported its steady rise in the middle of last year, as many decided to forego thickly made-up and foundation-laden skin for minimal to zero make-up looks.

People are starting to see the dangers of chasing after perfection. Above all, they are rethinking their relationship with beauty, questioning how much they do to achieve the idealized, airbrushed appearance perpetuated by the media.

Natural skin texture reigns supreme in 2021, and for the better. Additionally, people are starting to embrace more minimalist, organic, and sustainable skincare products since becoming environmentally responsible has become a goal for many.

The Key Takeaway

Without a doubt, the pandemic has altered many aspects of people’s lives. The mandated wearing of masks and face shields and the prevalence of virtual meetings are just a few of the multiple common practices in today’s “new normal.”

Beauty routines inevitably changed as a result of these lifestyle changes. Furthermore, people are turning to skincare and makeup for much-needed self-care in these uncertain times. Whatever your beauty goals are. And whatever makeup means to you, now’s the right time to focus on doing what you love and enjoy.

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