How is AI used to automate communication

How is AI used to automate communication

Artificial intelligence is enabling people to approach creative endeavours in a way that parallels math, blurring the distinction between art and science. With the advancement of AI, computer systems can now complete or supplement tasks. That would otherwise require human intelligence on a much larger scale than we could handle ourselves, such as speech recognition, decision-making, and visual perception. 

AI will assist leaders in improving their communication skills — It’s not overly complex in terms of concept. If we can teach robots to recognize what makes us respond (trust, interact, listen, act). And then equip the robot or computer to quantify all of the factors in those interactions (how we use our words, voices, gestures) that could influence those reactions, we’ll be on our way to a better future.

Let us see how Artificial Intelligence is being use to automate conversations in various fields. To understand this technical term called Artificial Intelligence, read the points that are feature below. And understand how important Artificial Intelligence is in our lives and communications.

Impact of AI in communication

●     Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace:

With the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, we’re about to enter a new age for workplace interactions.

Such emerging technologies are opening up exciting possibilities. Resulting in an environment in which virtual machines, voice assistants, and robotic process automation (RPA) can work alongside humans to streamline interactions and operations. This would have a huge effect on the job we do as well as how we interact with our coworkers and customers. The following are four ways that new technologies can affect the workplace.

●     Improve the Customer Experience

Chatbots that are operated by AI. And are use to automate communications and simulate human interaction. They can be use to communicate with consumers in a variety of ways, such as answering questions or assisting with shopping.

Customers profit from faster operation, and contact Centre agents are free to concentrate on more difficult requests. This has made communication a lot better and all of this is possible only with the help of AI that has contributed a lot in improving the customer experience and will continue to do so.

●     Workflow is streamlined thanks to prediction capabilities

Predictive analytics uses both big data and machine learning to generate valuable consumer insights. Another application is to improve contact centre experiences.

AI tools are on the rise, which will ‘listen’ to the words and tones used during a customer conversation to suggest the best possible next steps an agent can take. As a result, many interactions become more efficient and manageable. The prediction capabilities of AI is so accurate that it has proved to be very beneficial in various applications. The idea of this application is to save our time and make things easy for us be it in the form of communication, working, or chatting.

●     Brand Compliance and AI in Communication

It can be program to respond to a situation in the same way every time. Without the risk of emotional or heated reactions. An AI chatbot can be configure to react appropriately to specific keywords, phrases, or circumstances that adhere to the brand style guide or company policies.

●     Content production that is automated and customized

AI is now use to create automated content. Artificial intelligence is the sole creator of written documents, especially those that can be mathematically analyzed. Companies have the ability to create press releases, publicity materials, and other useful business publications. In terms of contact, AI has a lot of promise. Media, marketing, public relations, and customer care are all benefiting from the combination of AI and big data.

●     Artificial intelligence in Mobile Keyboards

Modern mobile keyboards are made up of artificial intelligence technologies that have recently been created. Artificial intelligence’s main function in mobile phone keyboards is to accurately correct mistakes. And enable you to switch between languages and interpret what you’re about to type after you’ve typed a phrase.

It understands English as well as all major Indian languages. Thanks to AI, which saves you time by anticipating what you’ll type next, which emoji you’ll use based on your emails, and so on. Artificial intelligence is extremely good at correcting typos; this feature, known as auto-correct, is built into mobile keyboards.

These are some of the areas where Artificial Intelligence is giving incredible support in order to automate communication. 

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