Google ranking factors in 2021

Google ranking factors in 2021

It would seem that everything is clear with Google. To get to the top of the search results, the page must be of high quality, that is, as fully and reliably as possible respond to the user’s request. To be better than competitors is the main promotion algorithm that Google officially declares.

But quality is a relative concept, each search engine has hundreds of criteria by which pages are ranked. So, the ranking algorithms are adjusted every year, some criteria are overshadowed, some become leading.

We will list the most important ranking factors for reaching the top of Google in 2021.

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SSL certificate (https: //)

Google has officially confirmed that the security certificate affects the position of the site in the results.

Domain age

So, the older the resource, the more authoritative it is.

Next domain renewal date

The idea is that if the webmaster has serious intentions to develop the site, then he will pay for the domain for several years in advance. 

The key is in a domain or subdomain

This sword cuts both ways. The key (especially in the beginning) is the relevance indicator. But now the Google search engine evaluates such a site with fancy taste, and it is easier for it to fall under the sanctions.

Domain history

If the site has been sanctioned for pirated content, spam, pornography, etc., then this is a negative SEO factor, even if the resource is now perfect.

Public information WhoIs

If the owner’s data is hidden through the “Protection of registration data” option, this is a small but a disadvantage. 

Punished owner of WhoIs

If the owner of one of the resources grossly violates the rules of Google, all of his sites may fall under the sanctions.

Domain parking

This is a negative factor. Parked domains (that is, glued mirrors of the primary domain) are removed from the search.


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So, the exact occurrence of the key at the beginning of the heading is a positive factor.


The ranking is influenced indirectly. It is often displayed in the snippet as an announcement. Designed for the user, a well-written Description increases click-through rates.

H1 tag

The H1 keyword carries a lot of weight. But it is important not to over-spam. The headline is designed primarily for the user: it should be informative and understandable.

H2 and H3 tags

Subheadings summarize the meaning of the chapter. It may contain keys (but not spammed) or their synonyms.

Text relevance

That is, how the document matches the request is revealed by the intent.

Keyword at the beginning of the text (in the first 100 words)

Robots still perceive the key at the beginning of the text as a sign of relevance. And SEOs still take advantage of this.

The uniqueness of the text

Copy-paste is subject to sanctions.

TF-IDF (from the English TF – term frequency, IDF – inverse document frequency)

This is the density of the keyword in the text. It is important to stick to the average. Few occurrences – the text will be perceived as irrelevant. Many occurrences – over spam and sanctions. Finding the optimal value is a challenge for an SEO specialist.

LSI words (latent semantic indexing) in the text and headings

In SEO, these are synonyms, terms, abbreviations related within the meaning of the word. The richness of the lexical composition is assessed positively.


From the point of view of usefulness, both text and images, videos, additional services (calculators, converters, tests, and so on) are evaluated.


Tables, lists, charts, and other styling elements that structure content.

Deep coverage, completeness of the topic

Priority articles that cover the topic “inside and out.”

Content length

So, this item is related to the previous one. An expert full article cannot be small. Long reads are generally ranked better than laconic texts.

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If the article has a specific author that is listed on the page, it is an advantage. Especially if he has a good professional reputation.


The ideal address is laconic, human-readable, with a keyword.


Needed for easy site navigation.

Table of contents

Performs a navigation role, helps users navigate content.

AMP pages

Fast loading mobile pages have priority in search results.

Optimizing images

The alt attribute, the signature is small, but still an advantage in the ranking.

Freshness of content

So, Google’s Caffeine Algorithm works on time-sensitive queries (like news), ranking more recently updated content higher.

Page refresh history

If the page is regularly edited or supplemented, if new comments from users often appear, then the content becomes dynamic, and this is good.


SEO is affected not only by the absence of spelling and grammatical errors, but also by punctuation marks, correct spaces, etc.

The degree of difficulty of the text (reading level)

Ease of perception is a positive factor. But there are topics in which the complexity of the text is justified (for example, in scientific papers).


A list of sources (with links). As is done in academic papers, can be a sign of a solid approach by content creators. It is important that the sources are reputable.

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If there are a lot of ad units. And if they run into the content, interfere with perception, this is a negative factor, sanctions are possible.


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Reputation (resource, company, author)

Positions may be downgraded due to substantiated negative reviews. This rule clearly works for YMYL topics. Awards, victories in competitions, recognition of professional communities increase the rating.

Domain Trust/TrustRank

The complex factor consists of several aspects: the quality of incoming links, content.


Ease of layout and navigation.

Information about the site and content creators (authors)

Content anonymity (for no justified reason) can work in the negative.

Business information (About the Company page) builds trust.

Contacts, field for feedback. If the site is related to finance, if there is a payment service, you need detailed contact information (physical address, phone number, and so on). But for some topics, an email address is sufficient.

Download speed

The higher it is, the better. Estimated by HTML code (Google PageSpeed) and user data from Chrome.

The structure (architecture) of the site

A clear, logical structure is “loved” by both robots and human users.

XML sitemap

It helps bots navigate content.

Content update

A “live” site, which regularly contains fresh content, has a better chance of getting good positions than one on which nothing happens for a long time.

Is there any downtime and for how long?

If a site is often unavailable due to technical problems, this lowers its ranking.

Personal data and privacy page

This is an indicator of a thorough approach, compliance with legal norms.

Add YouTube Videos

YouTube videos on the site increase the rating, which is logical. YouTube video hosting is owned by Google Corporation.

Avoid Errors and Mistakes

Technical mistakes, sloppy HTML layout. Negative SEO factor.

Duplicate content

Duplicate pages within the site negatively affect the promotion.

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Some of them are officially confirm by the company. Others are found empirically: SEO-optimizers have identified the correlation between the presence of a factor on the site and the rise/fall of positions.

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Hope you like the info. So , let us knw your thoughts about it in the comment section below.

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