Facebook Avatar: What is It and How to Make on a Desktop or Smartphone?

male and female Facebook avatars

Snapchat Bitmoji had a great deal of dominance over the last decade. People all around the world are crazy about changing themselves in a cartoon. Lately, there wasn’t any other application that had stepped into the game for animating. However, in 2021, Facebook launched the latest feature in many countries around the world rolling out the Avatar. This feature allows you to transform yourself into the animated version. You can use this in comments, stories, and messenger application as well.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing the its usage and the process of creating it.

What is Facebook Avatar?

It is the feature recently launch on Facebook. Enabling users to create their unique cartoon version, designated for their profiles. As by Emotional Support Animal letter online you can not use it as a profile picture. However, if you screenshot it, it can be use that way. Moreover, you can utilize it in messages, comments, and stories. This improvisation was launched back in 2020 in the month of May. It is almost close to the Snapchat Bitmoji having the same updates and system. With this feature, Facebook is trying to revert back the audience that went to Snapchat. This is a remarkable way of representing your appearance over Facebook that is fun and fulfilling with your friends.

Not only that but you can also change or add reaction after you have originated it. For instance, you can make your avatar laugh, cry, smile, or give it a sad face after you give it a face or appearance.

How to create Facebook Avatar on Smartphone

This feature was established particularly for the smartphone. You will be able to create it on your iOS or Android devices and then use it on your laptops, tablets, and iPads as well. Here are some easy steps to get started:

Step 1:

Go to your Facebook mobile application on an Android or iOS smartphone. Tap on the three horizontal lines at the bottom right corner of your phone. You can see the tab sliding from the right. After which, you can scroll down and click on “See More.”

Step 2:

Under the “See More” option, you’ll observe an Avatar menu. There will be a green-blue gradient having sample avatars that will pop up on the screen. Below that you can click next and get started with creating the one.

Step 3:

After that many different options will appear on your screen, concerning the appearance of your bitmoji First, you have to set a skin tone and tap next, when ready.

Step 4:

For further customization, you can select the shape, style and sizes body part according to your structure. Also, select the face lines for more detailing. You can choose your desired facial structure, skin type, facial hair, hairstyle, makeup, eyebrows, eye color, makeup, body shape, dress and other features. Moreover, you can alter hair accessories and freckles as well.

Step 5:

After you’re satisfied with the appearance, click on the tick mark on the upper corner of your screen. Then, you will be directed to the next screen where you will be shown the complete look for your avatar and click next. Finally, you can tap the done button.

Step 6:

Tadaaa! You’re ready to use your avatar now. You’ll find three buttons on the right corner of your screen. On clicking the arrow, you can share your avatar throughout your newsfeed or set it as your new cover photo. The next button will represent the available stickers to use with different reactions. The last button will enable you to make changes within your avatar.

For using it anywhere, go to that particular photo or video and click on the face of your avatar. With that, you can automatically use it with all its reactions.

How to create Facebook Avatar on Desktop

For creating it on your PC, all you have to do it go to the messenger and click on the emoji or sticker section next to the text box. Although there isn’t such an option available for desktop yet if you have created your’s on your phone already then you’ll get your avatar sticker. There isn’t an official method for creating an avatar on your desktop or laptop.

Just like Snapchat, Facebook doesn’t allow its user to create it on your PC. First, you have to create your’s on your tablet or phone then you can use it wherever you want. The origin should take place on mobile. We know it is a hassle, however, it is much more fun using it that you’ll forget the trouble of creating it.

Many latest laptops, including Chromebooks, have the ability to run different Android application on their OS. These applications should be available on Google PlayStore and should have a minimize file size. You can simply install the application on your laptop just like you would on your phone and create your bitmoji easily on your laptop using the above-described method. The key point to consider here is to make sure that you’re installing the actual application and not the Lite version of it.

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Summing up, Facebook has brought this innovative feature to extract the artist within you. This was a creative update during the bored and intense COVID situation and a great initiative by the platform, You can simply create your’s by following the exact steps as recommended. After then you can use this amazing feature wherever you want from sending it through messages or through comments. As Facebook is popular among all age groups unlike Snapchat that is only restricted to teenagers, it gives everyone a chance to create and animated version of themselves. You can try it out too!

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