Essential Questions to ask before hiring a handyman

Essential Questions to ask before hiring a handyman

Every home will need a little bit of repairing and maintenance from time to time. Sometimes you can do the maintenance by yourself. But sometimes, it seems the work may be a lot more than you can handle. But there comes a time when it’s clear that you need to hire a handyperson to take care of home maintenance issues. We like to think of a handyperson as an all-rounder helper who knows how to fix all the minor issues in your home. Many handypersons rely on word of mouth and referrals for most of their business.

Choosing the right handyman services can feel like a shot in the dark. You don’t want to end up with an amateur who isn’t qualified for the job. So how do you make sure you’re hiring licensed, insured, and have the experience to get the job done correctly? There are several essential considerations you should think about before you decide. So ask the following essential questions before hiring a handyman. 

List of Essential Questions you should Ask a handyman before hiring

Q1. What type of work can you do?

Finding a skilled and right handyman for your needs can be challenging. You may have a long list of repair work needed to be done, but you also want to ensure your handyman can provide it. This is like using a genuine handyperson as you need to know what type of work he can do and if he has the time and skills to complete the work you want him to do. While many handymen claim to be an expert of all trades, they may not be skilled in the work you require. Just like you can’t trust your general doctor to do the operation, you may not want to trust a handyperson for work specific to trade.

A handyperson can do some minor work. But more comprehensive work should be given to a tradesperson. So while it may be acceptable to hire a non-specialist to work on a jammed door, think twice before handing off specialized work to a handyman. 

Q2. Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?

Licensing, bonding, and insurance are an absolute necessity for any handyman or contracting business. Handymen are held to a higher standard of care when protecting you, your property, and the general public. This is not to give you panic attacks but to show you how serious it can be if you don’t have these things in place.

If a worker doesn’t have their liability insurance, you are entirely liable for any injuries on the job. If the handyman damages your property, you also want to ensure that they have the insurance to cover it. Finally, many state and local governments license handypersons or the various trades they may specialize in. Hiring licensed professionals ensure at least a strong command of their work. When you hire an insured, licensed, and bonded handyman, you are protecting yourself. Hiring a handyman who lacks those qualifications is a major risk.

Q3. Are you going to Hire Sub-Contractors for This Project?

If you don’t ask this question, people other than who you hire may be working on your home. Even if you are fine with this, but it’s still a good idea to ask who’ll be doing the work ahead of time. You’ll also want to determine whether or not the contractor will be there to supervise when sub-contractors are performing work.

If they plan to hire subcontractors, you can ask for each individual’s name and contact information working in your home.

Q4. Can you give me a local reference and portfolio?

Seeing the quality of a contractor’s portfolio will not only give you proof of their skills, but it will also help you save money in a long time. Local references show that your handyman gets the job done without trust and workmanship issues. Calling someone new to fix a previous contractor’s mistakes will ultimately cost a lot more money, so choosing someone with a good track record is best. 

Q5. How much are you charging?  

This is so necessary to ask, also ask for a breakdown of the payment. Is the repair material included in the cost? Is the handyman doing the job with a helper? Furthermore, what is the payment structure? Do you have to pay a specific amount before the work begins, or do you make full payment before it’s done? Also, ask for an estimate to compare prices from other handymen, so you don’t get fooled.

Always Find a Reliable and local handyman

There is never a reason to hire an unreliable handyman. Many customers get harmed by dishonest and unskilled contractors. Handymen and contractors should always come with a proven history of customer satisfaction and excellent references. So before hiring, do all the research and find a local and trusted handyman, But if you still face any difficulty just ask 5 simple essential questions before hiring.  

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