DomainRacer vs Go4Hosting – Why Users Like DomainRacer More 2021

DomainRacer vs Go4Hosting

With the number of web hosting companies growing it became a bit difficult to select one as the best hosting service. Each company claims itself as the best and unique. In this scenario who to believe is the major issue for all of us. 

In this article, we are going to compare DomainRacer and Go4Hosting in-depth to enlighten our readers about both of these services. At the end of the article, you will be able to decide the best one among these two companies. Even your budget for cheap website hosting services come in all shapes and sizes.

Before penning down this article we want to assure you that we have tried both the companies as users. So this is going to be an honest review and comparison without being biased to any company. 

Following factors, we have compared in this article – 

  • Performance test 
  • Speed test 
  • Uptime test 
  • TTFB test 
  • Expert review comparison 
  • Customer support comparison 

DomainRacer Vs Go4Hosting: Find out the Best Hosting Service

Performance Test 

Performance tests based on many factors including speed, SEO, security, quality of the website. Higher percentages indicate better website performance. In this test, DomainRacer is way ahead of Go4Hosting. 

  • DomainRacer- 83% Performance Score 
Quality performance report of Dmainracer
  • Go4Hosting- 72% Performance Score 
Quality performance report of Go4hosting

Speed Test 

So, this speed test is taken from the authorized and reliable speed test tool. This tool analyzes the website in depth to show the result of its speed. Speed is one of the most impacting factors for any website in terms to get organic traffic. 

  • DomainRacer- A Grade With A 95% Score
Speed test of domainracer
  • Go4Hosting: B Grade With 80% Score
Speed test of go4hosting

Uptime Test 

Uptime is a time during which your website stays online and performs well without any interruption. This time is calculated in percentages. Higher the percentages mean higher the chance to display online. You can easily compare from the below results.

  • DomainRacer- 99.99% Uptime 

It provides the highest possible uptime for your website. As per their claims, they keep their promise to deliver that much uptime for sure, unlike the other hosting companies. 

There are thousands of satisfied users globally who admitted the 99.99% uptime. This is why it is one of the best web hosting companies. 

  • Go4Hosting- 99.95% Uptime 

It asserts to provide 99.95% uptime but sometimes they couldn’t fulfill the user’s expectations. Many users have faced terrible experiences in terms of uptime and the customer support system. 

Uptime depends on the quality and technology of the servers which is used by any hosting company. Better the servers then uptime would be great and vice-versa. So in terms of uptime DomainRacer is better. 

TTFB Test 

TTFB stands for time to the first byte. It is basically the metric to calculate the responsiveness of the web server Which is calculated in microseconds. Lower the TTFB means higher server speed. We discover here the most trustworthy reseller hosting with whmcs service in the world.

The following images show the chart of calculated TTFB of both webs hosting companies from various locations around the globe. You can check out the results as per your geography. 

  • DomainRacer 
TTFB of domainracer
  • Go4Hosting 
TTFB of go4hosting

DomainRacer Vs Go4Hosting: Expert Review Comparison 

So far we have seen the actual and direct figures of each company regarding various functionalities. At this point, we are going to check out what experts have to say about both companies. 

This data is collected from the most reliable website which has the expertise to tell about any hosting company on every scale and parameter. On the basis of their in-depth analysis, we have reviewed both the companies. 

  • DomainRacer- 4.3 Ratings 
Review and expert opinion on domainracer
  • Go4Hosting- 3.9 Ratings 
Review and expert opinion on go4hosting

So, in the above images, you can easily check out and conclude the best web hosting among these two web hosting companies. Along with the ratings, you can read the expert opinion and the pricing information. 

Customer Support 

Both the companies claim to provide 24/7 customer support. But in the case of Go4Hosting, it can be annoying sometimes. Many users faced the issue of not getting proper responses from them. 

The same thing you can notice in the expert reviews image where the expert has written about the bad customer support of Go4Hosting. Sometimes they won’t reply to your issue in a satisfying way. 

Whereas DomainRacer provides 24/7/365 customer support through live chat, phone calls, tickets, and even WhatsApp. Their experts are always online to resolve your issue regarding anything anytime.  

DomainRacer VS Go4Hosting: The Best One 

So, after reading so far anyone can easily conclude the best one among these two web hosting companies. We have seen a few major features and services of both companies. Now it’s the time for the final result. 

Undoubtedly DominRacer dominates in each aspect starting from the website speed to customer support. We have posted authorized data in the form of images through them you can clearly differentiate. 

Not only that but also in terms of pricing it is way better than Go4Hosting. As it offers the cheapest web hosting plan with great flexibility and many advanced features compared to any other hosting company. 

Before choosing a web hosting company first learn some key features. Make sure you can compare and then decide which one is best for your own business.


Web hosting became a rapidly growing business since the world shifted to online. Numerous companies are getting started regarding web hosting on each passing day. In this article, we compared two hosting companies. 

So, we see how DomainRacer has proven the best in our analysis. We kept no space for any further confusion between them in terms of features and services. Whether it’s a small business website or a large one it will never disappoint you in any term from their side.

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